Have you seen this "new" product from Pebbles? It's the Share & Tell Album set. I say "new" because it's not a new concept...just a new offering from Pebbles in my Pocket. This concept, which I think is very smart, could be carried out with any photo album, of any size.

I love this concept. Photos go into an album followed by journaling and minimal embellishment as needed on 4x6 cards. The journaling slides right into the album, alongside the photos. Speaking of E-a-s-y! Think of it as "scrapbooking-lite".

I love scrapbooking. I don't ever plan to be finished, not do I plan to scrapbook every photo. It's just not a realistic goal. I do, however, want to keep my pictures orgnized and safe. I want to be able to find a specific photo easily and all it's companions quickly, should I want to scrpbook it. This is the perfect plan for an alternative scrapbook. The boys love to look at all the pictures, not just the scrapped ones.

I'm really glad to see a scrapbook company like Pebbles embracing the concept of sb-lite. I think one of the aspects of this hobby that makes it un-appealing to new people is the myth that every photo has to be scrapbooked immaculately and that if you aren't "caught up" you are somehow less of a good scrapbooker.

Pebbles and I have a long history. (Read about Pebbles history here.) When we lived in Mississippi in 1995/1996 and I was just getting into scrapbooking, Pebbles in my Pocket was a small store in Utah that offered a mail order catalog. Oh man...what bliss that was. I was worse than a kid with the Sears Toybook when the quartely PIMP (snort) catalog came in the mail. (Remember, Mississippi = scrapbook no man's land.) They called is a magalog because it was part catalog and part magazine. Pebbles introduced me to my very first scrapbooking "crush"--Brenda Cosgrove.

One of my goals (since the beginning) has been to go to Utah (the sb Mecca) and take a class with Brenda Cosgrove at PIMP. For me, she has always been the mother of clean. Design-wise, she took a detour into cute but she's always embraced clean lines and lovely layouts. It's been cool to watch Pebbles grow from just a store to a mail-order business (now a web store), a manufacturer, and the home of quite a few extrememly talented designers, including some second generation women coming into their own--like Brenda's daughter, Courtney.

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So now you know.

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