From Kate's Blog:

So if you had three wishes. They have to be selfish wishes not altruistic in any way. What would your wishes be?

1-Every month, I would get one single do-over. One. That's all I'm asking for. Just a single do-over for a stupid thing I said, a dumb decision, a moment of insensitivity, or some other little thing that would be nice to clean up. Just one free pass. *POOF*

2-Over-sexualized commercials would disappear from billboards, radio and television. It's a full-time job to protect the eyes and ears of a certain 11 year old, and some days I'm just tired of having to be the mom.

3-If I could, I would re-arrange the states. Oklahoma would be next door to Tennessee (so I could be closer to my sister) and both would have a significant amount of ocean-front.

So now you know. :)

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