Anita called today from the floor of CHA Chicago. (For anyone who doesn't know, CHA is a huge-mongus craft industry trade show held twice a year.) She sounded extremely excited...more than the normal excitement level of Anita. :)

"Guess who I am standing here with?" she said.

"I have no idea."

"The Scenic Route people--Sarah Milne!"

"Oh my goodness."

"Wanna talk to her?"

"Of course."

From there I have no memory of what I said. My phone was cutting in and out (of all times) and there was lots of show noise in the background. I'm sure that Sarah Milne now thinks I'm a total ditz...but who cares! I got to talk to the woman from whose creative genius flows my very favorite papers and goodies. And then Layle (the bestower of the very best paper surprise) was there and I got say hello to her too. Totally cool!

Thanks Anita for making this happen. You totally made my week!!:)


BonnieRose said...

wow that sounds so fun!

Mimi said...

That's cool!

Anita said...

Did I tell you, "I LOVE YOU!" I love to make your week! And I have a surprise for you from you remember our well-planned events that we called "Scrap~Fest"????? Has to do with that and 2 Canadian gals, OH and the color pink.... !!!!!!!