It's been a very long and short week. The death of my beloved Jeep was finalized. Now we have to find a new one but in the interrim, we are Jeep-free. Something we haven't been in many years. My sister moved back to Oklahoma City. My brother came and went. We went to the Zoo this morning with some friends and everyone is exhausted from that. My *space* has been repainted--from blue to white. My kitchen has a new window seat.

Lots of things. Just going on. Kinda moving about with or without me.

This is my oldest younger brother, with the boys. They were tailgating--something my sons think is a sport! Why else would anyone want to drive a big honkin' truck, right?

Daniel is #2 of the 4 of us. He has my father's gifts for making things with his hands. Ever since I can remember he's always been making something--wooden swords, building furniture with my Dad, fixing things for people, carving, building porch swings that are beautiful works of art, and of course, looking out for my other brother. Daniel's mission on this trip was two-fold: he came to pick up Deborah and he brought the stuff (supplies and tools) to build/install a window seat in my kitchen. He did the hard Joal and I have to finish it with painting and a cushion. It looks so wonderful and the boys had a blast helping Uncle Daniel. He's the cool uncle. Truck. Tools. Knows where Home Depot is and is willing to take passengers along. Very laid back. Yep. He's definately the cool uncle.

Joal re-painted my space this week, from blue to white. When we remodelled the spacethree years ago, I didn't realize that if you paint the walls over your workspace a deep color, that color gets cast on anything you try to do. Like scrapbook. I should have known that...but I didn't. Finally, now I can work in a space without so much blue cast. It's beautiful and clean.

Joal and I had our last date before Deborah left on Wednesday night. We went to Panera for dinner and then to see Live Free or Die Hard (aka Die Hard movie number 1679) :). We had the best time. I love that man so much. We are so good together. Between dinner and the movie we walked thru Green Hills Mall and thru Restoration Hardware. A girl could drop some cash in that place! They have the most amazing (overpriced) furniture. I practically drooled on at least one chest for 3 grand. It was fun tho. We even walked by the Luis Vuitton store. I'm such a non-bag person...I didn't even know LV had stores. And in Nashville, no less.

The movie was good--Bruce still has it for being old.

So now you know.


TracieClaiborne said...

Hey you!
You sure have been busy!
I also love Restoration Hardware.
I just go and drool.

Was Die Hard clean?
I like action movies but they usually say the Lord's name in vain which I cannot take.

Christy B said...

Bruce is cool! I'll have to get the DVD when it comes out.

I wondered about the blue room thing. I've been thinking about painting my room a goldly/yellow color, but my mom swears yellow isn't a good color for "artist" and that's what a scrapbooker is. She said the same thing, you won't get a "clean" color. So, I guess I'll stick with white or beige ......