Pass the Peas

I have a feeling my time as Punchie Pea is coming to an end. I have enjoyed being a Pea for several years now but lately it feels like a collasal waste of time. Maybe it's just me but the more time I spend reading posts at peas, the more *different* I feel. Many of the pea-ple who participate regularly on NSBR are so open-minded that their brains have apparently fallen out. There is no room in their world for someone (like me) who believes in an absolute right and wrong and in an absolute truth. Many call for tolerance and yet, they clearly refuse to extend that tolerance to Christians.

When has a post on a message board ever really changed someones mind about anything? I've been around two peas long enough that I can now anticipate who's going to pop in to a thread and say what, for the most part. There's a list of peas that I automatically assume I will vehemently disagree with 99% of whatever they post. I'm sure they feel the same about me. I'm not complaining about that...I'm just saying that the chances of me (or anyone) actually having an opportunity to be "salt and light" in this arena are about as likely as the chances that I am going to be swayed by one or their posts. It aways comes down to being a matter of "agreeing to disagree" (or worse) because in most of the areas of discussion, I know where I stand and that's not going to change. I can only assume that other peas generally feel the same why bother? If everyone is spewing their opinion and no one is listening, what good is it?

For the record, the AFA petition re: Christmas post is what started me down this road. I generally don't agree with many of the things AFA does. I believe that AFA has gotten off track. Instead of promoting positive ways to encourage the strength of the American family, they have set themselves up as a totally negative unfortunately-Chrisitian organization who does nothing but complain about all the negative stuff going on in this country. I used to get their magazine (the president of the organization is a client of my husband's company) and it was the most depressing thing I have ever gotten in the mail. I am fully aware that the family is under attack--I get it--but surely, there are good things happening in families across America that could also be shared. Balance. I think they've lost the will to be balanced and I choose not to support any organization that is not making a positive impact.

Spewing negativity has never added to the light in this world. If you are going to complain, you should be doing something about the darkness...not just complaining.

The things AFA produces, such as the petition that a pea posted at 2Peas, are always reactionary and are always negative. Frankly, I think AFA makes Christians look like a bunch of whiners who expect the world to revolve around them. What good does that accomplish?

2Peas is a unique place. I have, for the most part, enjoyed my time there. I'll still thrive on the gallery and the garden, but the rest will find me silent.


Karyn said...

I agree with you on your view of the AFA. I'm not a Christian but I think it's unfortunate when Christian-based groups alienate others who truly want to do what they know to be the right thing in your religion.

I also agree that in most cases, people won't change their minds because of what one person said. However, don't discount that 2Ps can be a great place despite the fact that people don't change their minds. Many of us - me being one of "us" - have grown to be much more tolerant and understanding of people of many different ideals/beliefs than that which we have known previously. No, my opinion on most things haven't changed, but I can tell you that now that I have been exposed to so many different beliefs, I am a better person who is more understanding (though perhaps not agreeing) of beliefs that don't jive with my own.

However, to say, "Many of the pea-ple who participate regularly on NSBR are so open-minded that their brains have apparently fallen out," well, that's just really sad. I'm extremely open-minded, and it saddens me to think that people think my open-mindedness is a sign of me having no brain. In fact, I think it's quite the opposite. I'm so open-minded that I can accept people whom I disagree with and still find respect for them and their beliefs.

TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah, you're not the only one. That post also prompted my blog entry today. You might not agree with it but I agree with you about the "open-minded" factor. Even Christians today are so open-minded that they won't stand up for what they believe. Churches are teaching tolerance instead of black and white truth. I'll be taking a Pea break for a while. Happens often.

Sarah said...

Thanks Tracie and Karyn for your comments, and others for reading.

"Open-minded" seems to be a word that gets used alot but means different things to different people. I probably used it rather carelessly here.

The line between following what I know to be absolutely right and absolutely wrong as described by God's Word as I understand it and being what some would consider "intolerant" is constantly blurring in our society.

Non-believers accusitorily scream "judgementalism" whenever we (believers in Christ) say definitively that Jesus is the only way. And honestly, why shouldn't they? Were a Muslim person to declare emphatically to me that their religion is the "only way", I would be turned off too.

I do not have a problem believing and saying X is wrong according to the moral code set out by the Bible. (X being the topic of choice.) However, not everyone in our world lives by the code of the Bible. Without that as a basis, it's rediculous to expect that they would draw the same conclusions as I do about right and wrong. Not everyone is going to be a Christian. And of course, not all Christians are going to agree on every issue. So there ya go--the perfect example of open-mindedness.

My mind is open to the right of other people to make up their own mind. Some would say that idea negates the idea that there can be an absolute right/wrong. I don't agree. I think that we each live in the light we are shown, based on an individual set of experiences and interpretations. Sharing thoughts and experiences can add to or take away and it is open-mindedness that allows oneself to adjust, change or not, based on the experiences of those around us.

Now I have to go outside and play for a while because my brain hurts from all this.

LoraSara said...

The boards on twopeas that I most frequently read are General Scrappin', Product Reviews and The Crop Spot. I feel that if you participate in NSBR, you shouldn't be surprised at what you find. Religious disputes are unending, even among members of the same religion.

Christy B said...

I don't post a peas very often and if I do, its always on General Scrappin'. I just can't handle the NSBR board and sometime can't handle the GS board. I usually get a good laugh at the "controversial" threads, its all I can do!! I does remind me of what a sheltered life I live. I live in a small community, work in a Christian enviroment and hang out with people that are a lot like me in every way. 2Peas reminds me that people come in every form and belief.

Great blog Sarah .... your's and Tracie got me thinking. I posted on Tracie's that I also believe that the only way for eternal life is through Jesus (ie... asking for forgivness) but honestly, as long as someone believes SOMETHING, regardless if it's like me or not, thats all that matters.

Are you going to Scrappuccino's tonight?

Sarah said...

You are right about NSBR...but the funny thing is the thread in question was actually posted on the General Scrapping board. NSBR can be a volitile place but it can also be very helpful and informative. I've been "hanging out" there a long time and have learned what to expect. I don't expect things to change I am changing the way I respond to it all.

Have fun at Scrappuccino (assuming you are going). My sister's in town and we are having some friends over for dinner...I wish they cropped more than one night a month!


Lawanda said...

I havent been on 2peas for years, mainly because I found that it got to be very clique-y very quickly. (say that three times fast! LOL)

"Many of the pea-ple who participate regularly on NSBR are so open-minded that their brains have apparently fallen out."

That is hilarious!