Over the years I've gotten an education of sorts about Hess Collectable Trucks from my father-in-law. Every year the Hess Company (a gas company in the northeast) puts out a special toy truck. These are heavy-duty serious much for collectors as they are toys for children.

Poppa has been collecting the annual Hess trucks for several years now. He keeps them on display in his office at home, on a high shelf. The kids all know that they can look but not touch without Poppa being present. Julian admires the growing collection every time we visit. The trucks are very detailed and interactive, with lights that flash, doors that open, rotors that spin, etc. It has been mentioned that the collection will be passed on to the boys when Poppa passes on to heaven-- but I for one don't really like to consider that very much.

While my in-laws were temporarily residing in the southland, my fil always had his mil buy his annual Hess truck and ship it to him. Now that they've returned to "Yankee country" for a while, he is happy to be able to buy his own truck as soon as they become available right before the holidays.

As luck would have it, this year the featured vehicle is this Emergency Vehicle with an on-board SUV. Of course, he knew that Jules would have to have one of his own this year, being that it's a fire truck, of sorts.

Of course, Julian was a very happy boy today when he opened his very own Hess and found out that it's a fire emergency vehicle. Poppa showed him all the bells and whistles, passing on his enjoyment of the truck to a grandson who loves them because Poppa does. It was one of those moments that brings pride to my mothering heart. Grandfather and grandson in serious conversation, sharing something they both enjoy. I am so proud that they share that connection and many others and that Julian has been able to grow up knowing his grandfather--his Poppa aka "Big Boss" so well, even tho we've always lived a pretty significant distance apart.

It was a very good day on many levels--all the siblings behaved and the cousins played nice. We took lots of family photos...I can't wait to see how they turn out.

PS...The new Bon Jovi album rocks!! Remind you to tell me why I enjoy Bon Jovi so much at some later date.


Michelle W. said...

love the story about the Hess SUV. BTW, love Bon Jovi's new album too!

Happy new year


TracieClaiborne said...

I thought about getting that Bon Jovi CD. I saw them on Oprah and I really like Jon Bon Jovi.

I'll be glad when you're back to blogging regularly!