Ever Feel Like Sticking Out Your Tongue and Saying "I Did It Firrrrst!!"

Sometimes--as childish as it is--I do. I'm an oldest. I like to be in the front.

In general, when something new-ish becomes a trend in scrapbooking and moves into the mainstream, there is inevitably someone who sorta rains on the parade and says "I've been doing that forever. What's so new and hip about that?" I guess it's kindof the scrapbooker spin on that old song "I was Country When Country Wasn't Cool". Ya know. And I usually find it somewhat annoying.

Unless of course...I'm the one saying it. LOL!

But now I find myself having to hold back from saying "I've been doing it this way for a really long time and I know people who have been using this approach for even longer than me" with regards to the whole *new* scrapping approach called The Big Picture, as launched from the newest publication by the same name from Stacy Julian and the Simple Scrapbooks group.

Honestly, tho, I am happy that Stacy and friends have seen fit to take the "message" to the masses. It's a good message. It takes the stress and the "I-must-hurry-to-get-caught-up" guilt out of scrapbooing. I view that as a positively wonderful thing. Given the flutter of activity the launch is generating on Peas and other message boards, I'd say it was going to be very well received and make a great deal of difference in the way many people approach their hobby.

I hope so. I happen to know that it already works really well.

If anyone is qualified to carry the torch of this improved approach, it certainly is Stacy Julian. The woman has always managed to step out into the front of the pack and be the leader into new territory when it comes to scrapbooking approaches. If I weren't such a fan, I'd definately feel a little a good way. She's worthy of emulating.

If you haven't already...check it out at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's an approach that's highly recommended by Stacy Julian, the girls at Simple Scrapbooks and of :)


Tracie said...

Oh Sarah - you read my thoughts today. I just e-mailed Stacy and told her to check out that thread because there were some questions she might want to answer. I can't believe that people are just now hearing her msg. It's really the same msg that she has been saying since the inception of SS!! Where have they been??? Maybe the Big Picture book makes it more doable or available to the masses. Whatever!!!!! We did it first!!! heehee

Great post!

Hope said...

That was my favorite place to go when we were stationed at Ft. Campbell. We never stayed overnight ($$) but it was a great day trip to just get away from it all!