A Prayer for a Boy

Tonight there is a little tiny boy sleeping in a bed in an orphanage about half way around the world. I hope he's sleeping peacefully and pray he's warm and snuggly and comfortable as every little boy should be. I pray God keeps him safe from harm and illness and that peace surrounds him through the night.

See, he's too young to know that his life is about to change drastically. He's too young to know that God, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, is moving and working on his behalf, in the hearts of a family in Nashville, Tennessee...and has been for a while now. He doesn't yet know that he's about to be introduced to the loving arms of a mother and the sweet protection of a father and the sheer awesomeness of two big brothers. He doesn't know that in just a few days he will become the newest member of a very special family and his life will never be the same--and as with the arrival of every new child into a family, neither will theirs.

He's not aware that he has been chosen by love to become a new son and a new brother to two parents and two boys. Maybe he's too young to know that countless people across the globe are praying for him tonight and will be every night and day until he and his mother are safely home from their journey. But they sure are. We are. I am.

Sleep soundly, sweet boy, in the arms of Jesus.
Dream of all the things a boy can dream of.
Be safe and healthy and happy and content.
Your mother is coming soon.
And with her comes the love and blessing of a family
And the crowd of people who are already blessed to call your family their friends.

Sleep soundly, sweet boy, in the arms of the Savior tonight.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like he will be one lucky little boy! To not only get a good, safe, stable home, but it comes complete with 2 siblings....WOW! What a Christmas present - for him and his new loving family. God bless you, everyone!

Hope said...

OK, I'm slow. Are you adopting or is it a friend? Either way, my best wishes and many blessings to all! :)

Sarah said...

No, not us...our very good friends.

TracieClaiborne said...

Wow - I thought it was you!!!!!