From Mayberry to Bellevue

I have a *thing* for old tv shows and the show at the top of my list is The Andy Griffith Show. There's something soothing and sincere about innocent television. There's something special about television that you don't have to be concerned about sharing with your children. I have turned my boys on to The Andy Griffith Show and you should have heard my trying to explain to Julian how it came to be that Opie was on Jay Leno a few nights ago, only he's all grown up now. :)

The man behind this smile still smiles like this. I know because I saw him in person shopping at Home Depot in Bellevue today. His name is George Lindsey and he played many characters on television but none more famous than Goober Pyle on The Andy Grifith Show. He's much older now (of course) but the smile is still the same.

I'm not usually one for celebrity spotting but this made my day. An American legend shops at (my) Home Depot. How cool is that?


TracieClaiborne said...

Andy's my favorite show too!!!! I talked to George once on the phone when I worked with Lamar advertising. And Mike was on Nashville Now several times when he hosted. He is awesome.

Did you know that he basically spent his entire life trying to get people to remember his real name and recognize that he had a great acting career beyond Andy? I think he finally gave up and just went with it!

Christy B said...

I saw George at Cheesecake Factory a couple weeks ago with Ralph Emery. How weird is that? I guess George is making his Nashville rounds.