Crafty Clipboard Joy

Now back to your regularly scheduled scrappy blog--

Funny how joy can arrive in the smallest of packages!

Made a quick trip over to The Paper Moon today to scoop up a stack of Kraft cardstock (more on this in a while) and was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of these mini-clipboards by rob and bob studio! How cute are these?? Click here to see the whole collection of clipboards and here to see all the Rob and Rob Studio line offered by Provo Craft.

There are 2 in each pack--the largest being slightly larger than a business card. I selected some green ones and some unfinished chipboard ones.

I have about 20 uses in mind for them...especially for Christmas tags, ornaments, magnets, etc. I'm not sure who Rob and Bob are but they sure do know how to make a girl happy on a dreary winter day!!

In other news from The Paper Moon, I finally pulled out my calculator to see how much 8.5x11 cardstock costs per sheet when sold for 25 cents per ounce. Come to find out it's less than 12 cents per sheet. (!) Chris sells her 8.5x11 regular cardstock (non-Bazzill) by the ounce (it avoids the hassle of counting) and I've always wondered exactly how much that would be per sheet but just never took the time to pull out the calculator and figure it out. (I'm a purely right-brained, creative person...math does not compute in my head.) Anyway, for certain projects, I use non-Bazzill 8.5x11 cardstock and as it turns out, this is the best (most-economical) price in town!

Last night my friend Heather came over for some scrap assistance and we stayed up (along with my scrappy sister) working until 2:15 AM! Today I am dragging as a result but man, it was fun. It was also ultra-productive! Heather was preparing some pages for 2 gift albums and we worked together on her project. Granted as usual, she got more done than me, but I'm still working on my contribution. :)

I've really missed Scrap Nights with the girls since we began our hiatus in October...can't wait to get going again soon. We'll have so much catching up to do by then.

In other news, under the heading of another thing to add to the list of ironies...

Deb and the boys and I went to Hobby Lobby today (Joal was hosting Christmas band practice in our great room so we needed to get out). As per the *mommy-code of required speeches*...I was reminding my children constantly not to touch the fragile Christmas ornaments and figurines "because they are very fragile and could break easily". Apparently I have given birth to two children who learn best by touching because this is a sermon I seem to give quite often.

Anyway...I was pushing Grey in the cart, holding his paws...when of course, *my* jacket sleeve brushed against a charming resin fisherman Santa and it crashed to the floor with an appropriate splat!

Lovely, huh!

On a happier note: If you'd like to see my Letter to the Editor published in the January 06 Creating HERE! It was pretty heavily edited but the thought remains the same--I adore the work of Rebecca Sower and will miss her gifted writings in the pages of CK.

Happy Saturday.


TracieClaiborne said...

They edited your letter? Wow! I saw that and thought, hey I know her!!!

I love Rob and Bob. Too cute. They are the inventors of PaperFever, now being sold as Rob and Bob. I love the entire line. Ann is going to get the older line because it's available now thru a distributor we use.

I also love Paper Moon's cardstock. I asked her once who made it and she said she didn't know, she just goes to a big warehouse and gets it. I thought that was funny. She has some very unusual colors and texture. Certainly a great price! I'm glad you figured that out. Good to know!

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering where Rebecca is. What's the latest on her? Does anyone know if she has a blog? Teresa B.

Sarah said...

I read yesterday that Rebecca has a whole new line of products coming out with EK. I can't wait to see them!

I don't know for sure but I've never heard of her being active on any sites or blogging.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog. You are such a good writer. I also enjoy seeing the pictures of the boys. They are growing so quickly. TB