Get Your Bah-Hum-Bug Vaccine Today

For Immediate Release:
Get your Bah-Hum-Bug Vaccine as soon as possible. Protect yourself from those around you who may be carrying and worse--spreading the Bah Hum Bug Disease! Symptoms of BHBD include extreame grouchiness, impatience while standing in lines, erratic driving accompanied with cursing at other drivers, lack of concern for others, irritation with cashiers and general whiney "it's all about me" disposition. Those who seem most highly susceptable to BHBD are tired shoppers, overworked cashiers, and other humans who have not been innoculated.

Self-Innoculation can be acheived by:
--Remembering that it's Christmas...the time for peace and good will
--Listening to seasonal music
--Doing something nice for someone who is not doing something nice for you
--Embrace the thought that it really is better to give than to receive
--Find joy in something other than material things
--Count the ways in which you have recently been blessed
--Refuse to give in to the Bah Hum Bug Spirit

Get yourself innoculated today and enjoy your Christmas!

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