Angels at Opryland

While my mom and sister were here last weekend, we went out to Opryland Hotel and Resort and to the Opry Mills Mall. The hotel is more than a hotel--it's a tourist destination, even if you aren't a guest. It's gardens and fountains and waterfalls and attractions are always spactacular but it's decorated to the nines during the holidays. It's an excellent adventure anytime really. The shops are fun (where else can you find a pink felt cowboy hat with silver cowboy boot decorations on it?), the people-watching interesting (to say the least) and walking is good excercise too.

We had a great time. I blew thru 4 rolls of film...really really need to do the digital thing and fast. The holiday decorations didn't disappoint--they were stunning. The outdoor pool (one of three swimming pools) is (obviously) not in use during the winter months, so it's surrounded by these beautiful oversized white plaster figurines that tell the story of the birth of Jesus. The photo is one of the stands about 8 feet tall.

This was perhaps the most impressive nativity I have ever seen. All white plaster. All oversized. Very serene. Totally remarkable.

I enjoyed this angel for a while and my other favorite piece was one of Mary, atop a donkey with Joseph walking in front, respresentative of the holy mother-to-be on the journey to Bethlehem. Can you imagine being pregnant and riding a long distance on a donkey? What utter fun that must have been. (Not.)

I love this time of the year. More on our trip a little later.

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Debby said...

Sarah, I loved it too! We went 2 years ago when my parents were in town in November. From your pics it looks like you were there in the daytime. Have you ever seen it at night? That's when we saw it - Ohhhhh you must go back at night with all the lights - it was gorgeous!!