Have You Been a Good American Lately?

Do you know that it only takes about two minutes--the time it takes to post on a message board-- to write your congessional representatives an email? Two minutes (or less) to let your elected representatives know how you feel on a certain issue that concerns you. When was the last time you wrote your congress-person?

I confess I don't do it enough. Things happen every day that I feel congress should address but I don't speak up that often. Congress acts every day (well, every day they are in session) and the things they do in Washington definately impact our makes me wonder why more people aren't involved?

If you are not voicing your concerns and opinions on the social, political, educational, economic, and world issues that you care about, you are preventing your representatives from doing what they were elected to do--represent you.

So, why the political diatribe from my scrappy little blog-brain?

A bill that is important to me--HR 1790 aka the Child M Safety Act recently was recently approved by the House of Representatives after gaining overwhelming bi-partisan support. It has now been sent to the Senate for consideration. Given that my state is represented by a medical doctor (The Honorable Senator Bill Frist), I would hope that he would be the first on the wagon to support this bill in the Senate. In under two minutes I emailed a request towards this end to his office. Short, polite, concise...state the case and that it's important to me. Press send. Click to Sentor Lamar Alexander's website and repeat the process for him. That's all it takes to be a participant in our government.

Now go forth and write your congressional representatives like good Americans!

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