Well, Here's Another Irony For Ya!

Two issues of CK ago...was my last. In an effort to ward off some of the endless clutter that seems to prevail upon my life, I let my CK subscription lapse without intending to renew. The thinking was if there was an issue I just had to have...I could pick it up at the grocery.

I have tons of magazines and 2Peas...I am in no way hurting for ideas or inspiration.

The irony of this moment. Now that my subscription has lapsed, I had no idea that one of my letters to the editor is published in the Jan issue. A friend from the LSS Teachers list just sent me a note that said "I saw your letter in CK..." OMGoodness! I had no idea they were going to publish it! How cool is that?

OK, so it's not a LO. I'm OK with that.

Still...CK. How's that for making my Monday?!!!

I suddenly feel the need to run to the store and pick up a CK!!

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Corinnexxx said...

YOu run girl!