Life's Little Ironies

I love ironic things.
I love noticing ironies.
Irony fascinates me.

To me, irony is God's chuckle. It's the footnotes of life that sometimes go unnoticed but in the end are proof that God is in the details. Those little twists--spins put in our lives to show us that God says "Yep. That was me. Glad you took the time to notice."

Tonight's irony worthy of noting:

How ironic is it that one of the most masterful guitarists of the modern age has only 9.25 fingers?

Phil Keaggy.
Distinguished Guitar master--
Second to none--
Man of the Strings--
One who makes a single guitar produce the melodies others only dream about--
Classical rocker-- missing 3/4 of the middle finger of his right hand.

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