The Stamps are Coming...the stamps are coming...(Acquisitions)

Stamping. It's creeping slowly into my space and my life. A few at the time, my little collection of rubber is gently expanding. Over the past few days, I have come to realize that I am a sucker for leaves, snowflakes/snowmen and snappy alphabets.

I found a right cute little snowman stamp at M's for $1. He jumped right into my cart.

Also a "joy" stamp and a fall leaf stamp. For a buck, you can't go wrong, right.

At Scrappuccino's last night I finally purchased the upper and lower of the Image Tree "Swanky". Leigh Ann instigated the need of these...and I've already begun putting them to good use. I have a feeling they will get plenty of use on my holiday cards.

One last stamp purchase to really enhance the collection...five stamps from Hot Potatoes! I can't wait till they arrive. Hot Potatoes stamps are chunky and bold and I find them extreamely easy to use. Somebody really needs to tell Miss "Mary Hot Potatoes" O'Neal, as she is affectionately known in these parts, to get on the scrapbooking boat...because she already has the perfect stamps for scrapbooking. It makes me feel good to support local companies and HP is located right here in Nashville! Gotta love that!

Nothing like red rubber to make one feel creative!!

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