The Stamps in the Mail

The photo is grainy (sorry) but you get the idea. My stamps from Hot Potatoes arrived to this potato bag!! How Wow! is that!! Marketing, baby. It's all about the marketing!

Love the I always do. Bold and chunky and very hefty red rubber. I love the way red rubber that too weird?

Can't wait to use them!

For my local friends...Chris at the Paper Moon usually carries HP but her selection has been low lately (which is why I ordered straight from HP.) But check with Paper Moon if you want to see before you buy. Or come see me. :)

In other news, the pressure is on tonight. I have to make a thank you card to send to my husbands boss in Dallas. Thanks to Sabrina I have the perfect stamp...but it's a little stressful. I want to be unique but not too *crafty*. I'm also tackling my FIL's birthday card tonight. Less pressure but still.

Under the heading of "while the cat's away..." I'm putting up my small snowflake Christmas Tree tomorrow. The boys are thrilled! One can never have too many Christmas Trees!!

Happy Friday.


Debby said...

I absolutely love the potato bag! In fact, it caught my eye first thing before I even read your comment about it! So very cute! Have a great weekend and enjoy putting up your tree!

KimF said...

Thanks for sharing about the Hot Potato stamps. I checked them out thanks to seeing it in your blog and I found some many things I loved! Thanks! (my DH, however, will probably not be as pleased :)

Tonia said...

Love the Hot Potato stamps. Thanks for the link to the shopping site. I can never seem to find them in our local stores and have enjoyed seeing the projects on Carol Duval. Thanks Sarah!