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All sorts of things to discuss today...

First the good news!! I spent most of the day basking in my own excitement...I conquered the aforementioned computer challenges and found a wonderful MP3 player that works gloriously with my computer system (such that it is)! No expensive upgrades necessary! My honey is a happy happy camper...walking around here with a Sandisk Digital Audio Player in his pocket, pumping his favorite tunes strait to his brain. I am seriously's about the size of a large pack of gum and it holds a gigabyte of digital audio. In normal people language that a *bunch* of songs. About 400. Can I just say Wow!

And to top it off, I saved more than $100 by not buying an equal-sized iPod (not including the required software upgrades). I'm gussing someone has to pay for all that name brand recognition floating around out there. :)

I was thinking perhaps I should mention this *savings* before my next paper-buying excursion.
Oh yeah.

On a side note: Joal wrote a tune a few years back called Far and Away, inspired by the movie by the same name...I'm not biased or anything but it's a rocking song and it's one of my personal faves. I now have it in digital format. If you'd like to hear it, I can *email* it to you. It can be played with the free Windows Media Player. How cool is that? I'm going to try to find a way to host it here later on. Love technology. Love it!!

In other news, I must say I am totally hooked on Paper Crafts Magazines, especially the Holiday Cards and Wrap Vol 2 issue. Oh. my. Christmas. Goodies! Total insiration! The best use of my M's coupon ever!! I'm totally lovin' it!

One of my friends is zooming her way across the oceans to celebrate Thanksgiving in France with her family. I'm praying for her safety and for her to have a wonderful time and for her to bring back fab photos! How cool would it be to celebrate Thanksgiving on the French Riviera??

Me. I'm trekking to Arkansas. Whoo. But I am most definately looking forward to being with my family for the day and then bringing my sister back with us for a while. My brothers are adjusting (I think) to life in their own place without Mom and Dad. I have the coolest brothers. I can't wait to see them.

That's all for now. Happy Saturday! :)

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Debby said...

Thanks for your prayers, Sarah! We had a great week as a family in France and had our Thanksgiving dinner in Italy as my nephew requested and my cousin and his wife from Germany were able to drive down and spend the couple days with us too! Did you have a good trip and holiday with your family?

Got to Thailand without and trouble too and am having a good week so far. Today is my last here and I'll be home Sunday afternoon. It's gone by all too quickly, but has been a blessing.