My List

The 2Peas Meme assignment...

1- going to movies alone
2- trying out a new recipe (yesterday)
3- shopping at Target (today)
4- visiting scrapbook stores (Friday)
5- sharing a laugh with my sister in person (now)
6- going to the library (last week)
7- going to the mailbox (daily)
8- jamming out to my favorite music turned up loud (not often enough because I don’t like to be a bad example to the boys)
9- scrapbooking with friends (October)
10- teaching the two year old Sunday School class at church (Sunday)
11- writing blog entries (lol!)
12- taking photos of my children (tomorrow)
13- sleeping next to my husband (as soon as possible)
14- answering Grey’s little “hug meee” requests as often as humanly possible (approximately 3million times a day)
15- going to the Nashville Symphony (sigh…it’s been way too long)
16- flying—especially take-offs (last time was in April)
17- having appropriate blood-glucose numbers (today)
18- playing basketball with Julianeven tho I completely stink at it (it’s been too cold lately)
19- buying gifts for family and friends that I *know* they will enjoy (last Monday)
20- organizing the ribbon collection (obviously too long ago, from the looks of things)


SpAzzGiRL said...

#19 is probably impossible with my family!
Great list! :)

Jennifer said...

thanks for sharing your list!!! I enjoyed it