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Scrapbooking brings me many moments of soul-joy. One of my favorite soul-joys is the not-so-minor accomplishment of coordinating more than two items *from different companies*. See, I "grew up" in scrapbooking at a time when coordinated collections were not so readily available. In fact, they were rare. Hunting, searching and trying many possibilities was deeply ingrained in the process of scrapbooking because supplies were not so easily attainable and options were not so numerous as they are today. Especially in Mississippi.
Fast forward nine years and it almost feels too easy to scrapbook using a line or collection of papers that are designed to work together. I know that sounds odd. It almost feels like I'm cheating. Odd. I know.
So, when I find items from different companies that coordinate together, it's a moment of soul-joy. It proves I've still got it. I can still match papers. LOL!
So, in case you are wondering, the strip on the left of the LO is from Wild Asparagus (My Mind's Eye), the ribbon is by Making Memories and the dotted block is by Basic Grey. Blues, greens and oranges...all working together. The chipboard letters are Chip Chatter from Pressed Petals (I think) and unfortunately they are supposed to be adhesive-backed but when I peeled off the backing, the adhesive was no longer sticky. Odd. Not sure what happened there. Not a biggie...I just added my own. The brads are MM too. And yes, I know we have way too many nicknames for Grey. Poor boy isn't going to know what his real name is.
So now you know. Soul-joy. Matching paper the old-fashioned way.
Happy Tuesday.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Hey Sarah!! I just caught up reading your blog. Got behind again. This layout is phenomenal. Incredible. Tremendous! I love it!

I can't believe your husband organized all your albums. What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man! LOL!

Hope you are doing well!