Baby Eye Candy

Check out the new baby eye candy posted by Tina Cockburn. And just so you know, it would help me greatly if someone else would admit to tears and gasps of emotion when they read adoption stories and see such beautiful baby pictures. Then I wouldn't feel like such a complete emotional slosh.

I am loving this book.
Cards inspired by a collection of clothing looks.
But not as yummy as the baby eye candy, mind you.
Happy Wednesday.


Christy B said...

I bought that magazine a couple weeks ago. I have to tell ya, I like the fashions almost more than the cards! They are some groovy outfits! I'm sure way out of my price range, but a girl can dream can't they!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sarah. Yes, I teared up over the baby very precious is each little life. Thanks so much for directing us to that site. Hope all is well with you and yours!

Mimi said...

I admit to tearing up over baby photos.

I've not seen that magazine, I shall look for it.

Jude said...

Love that kit you have below... I am wanting a kit subscription for Christmas!! ANd, yes... I always tear up over adoption stories too... you are not alone!LOL