Where did this week go?

I ask because I have no clue.

I think it takes a week or so for me to get over a vacation.

Last weekend was a complete adventure! We had an awesome time cropping, shopping and being together. I had the pleasure of meeting some new people--people I had previously only known "online". That's always a really cool thing! Renewed some old friendships...had a great time.

I even slept on the deck under the stars! There's something I have never ever done before! It was nice tho.

The girls and I did some good shopping at AC Moore, Scrapbooks and More inKnoxville, Your Scrapbook Superstore and Clearance Center in Pigion Forge, and Scrapbook Warehouse in Cookeville. Discovered some new items here and there and picked up a few things on the scrap-shopping list. We ate out a few times and laughed so much it hurt. I came home feeling very blessed to have so many great friends.

My peeps were glad to have me back. I missed them more this time than I ever have before. I needed some time away but I sure was missing them.

I've been on a cooking rampage this later part of the week. We have a greek place near our house that I love. It's inspired me to learn more about Greek far I am loving the greek salad. Call me the Feta freak. :)

Watched a movie a few nights ago...Annapolis. Very good. Really liked it. Tonight we are indulging in Curious George.

I finally got some of those Lil' Davis Vintage Label Stickers that I've been wanting forever! A pea pointed me to them at They were waiting when I got home. Can't wait to use them.

I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow so I can photograph the work I got done at CTF. So maybe we'll have art tomorrow.

I discovered at Croptoberfest that I can be a pretty happy woman with my computer, some Bazzill and the Quickutz and some ribbon. Not much else is needed for me right now. I'm thinking about doing even more slimming down of the schtuff in my area. I'm happy with my basics. Happier and less paralyzed than when I have 500 choices.

On the flip side, M's had a coupon this week so I did pick up something I've been eyeing for a while--the Making Memories Instant Setter. It's similar to the Japanese awl but not only makes holes but also sets eyelets. It's not silent but it is very efficient and does not require a hammer. I think I'm really going to get a great deal of use out of it.

Happy Friday Night, everyone!


Stephanie said...

Glad you're back. Love the new picture. I took a similar one with Debbie's "bug".
I had a very close friend for several years that was Greek. She introduced me to her food. We ate Greek out every week. I lost her 20 years ago to cancer. Now whenever I eat Greek food, I think of her. By the way, you can freeze feta cheese. I usually buy a big brick at Sam's and cut a chunk off & freeze the rest until I need it.

Stephanie in Memphis

Laurie said...

Sarah, glad to hear you had an enjoyable weekend in the mts. Seems to me you and I took that trek together many a year ago!
I'm sure your "peeks" were glad to see you back home too..

Laurie said...

it's late, I meant peeps...