Art and Books

Danger: Live Animals
I can't resist this photo. I took it on a whim at the Knoxville Zoo this summer. The crate is an open display to demonstrate to children how animals are brought from Africa to the Zoo. It was huge. The boys crawled thru it and I "caught" them coming out end door by this warning sign. Made them sit for a photo. It all happened so fast that I didn't make the connection ofthe sign until looking at the pictures on my camera later. Then it clicked. Funny.

Anyway, the circle journaling is done with the Autumn Leaves Journaling Stamps by Katie Perteit. This is a really cool set. Very useful. Close up is so you can see.

Yesterday was library day. We came home with 24 books. Lucky for j the limit is 25. A couple of those are mine tho, for my Sunday School class. I could get lost in the kids books. The art in so many kids books is so viberant and wonderful. If I weren't married and were a few years older, I'd have a big deal crush on Eric Carle. The man is a creative genius. I think he should get into scrapbooking. Can you imagine the beautiful papers he would produce? Ahh! How cool would that be?!


Mimi said...

Just what I need, another stamp set...

Carla said...

I totally agree with your Eric Carle comment! I love his books. I love just about all children's books.