More Monday Musings

We take it a little easy on Mondays...hence the blogging bonanza!
I've been discovering some new things lately that I think are worth sharing.

First, a new kit club for scrappers: Scrapbook Lovers Dream

My first installment came today and I am diggin' it. I felt a little burned on my first club subscription. Not enough product for the cost and not enough inspirational support. I don't want to say I'm done with the Jenni Bowlin kits because perhaps when the computer issues are resolved and some feedback is taken into account, the system will improve. I just think that for now, Scrapbook Lovers Dream is a better fit for me. (How's that for walking the tightrope?) I admit, however, that I am a pretty frugal shopper so to me, cost and value is important as is presentation.

Here are the contents of the kit I purchased from SLD:

7 sheets of Scenic Route "Cape Town"
*10* sheet of coordinated Bazzill
1 package of Junkitz black alphabet Tilez
1 package of Scenic Route Chipboard
1 yard May Arts 1.5" black ric rac
Fontwerks Polka Arrow Stamp (UM)
Fontwerks Date Stamp (UM)
Acrylic for use with the stamps

And it all came neatly shipped in a re-useable Cropper Hopper storage envelope!

The PDF for the kit (showing 25 layouts that feature the kits contents) is 9 pages long and includes layouts as well as exclusive poetry by the famous *Thena*.

The website also offers a gallery of additional layouts and projects by the team of designers and other members.

And the price, you ask?

$29.99 *including* Priority Shipping.

Part of what you are paying for when you subscribe to an auto-ship kit club is convenience and the ease of use that has been acheived for you because products have already been matched up. It's totally subjective (I do understand that) and perhaps I won't be as thrilled with it every month as I am this time. However, this kit ranked really well to me.

I'm all about presentation. I really appreciate that it's shipped in my favorite kind of heavy-duty, re-useable Cropper Hopper storage envelope. Also, this:

Small brown paper bag, tied neatly with a piece of ribbon. (Sounds likea good line for a song, huh...) :) In this case, it contained the 2 Fontwerks stamps and a piece of acrylic. (See third photo.)

I think I must have been under a rock somewhere because I've never seen these before today. Designed by Teresa Collins...Junkitz Alphabet Tilez. The one side looks like this (see photo four) and the back is reversed. They are crafted from a thin chipboard and are smaller than a quarter. Great title option. Love these.

All in all, a kit expert I am certainly not. However, I like the value, price, inspiration and presentation of this one. It speaks to me for now.

In other news, a couple of new-to-me blogs that I've been reading lately and will be adding to my list of must-reads...

Tiffany Tillman

Journalers Junction (because don't we all have something to say)

Angelia Wigginton (very accomplished scrapper super-woman whom I admire and a Mississippi woman to boot...thanks Tracie for the direction to her blog)

Samantha VanArnhen (another adoption story that keeps me coming back for more...well, that and she's on the QK team and does great things with font combos...)

Well, that's all the news from the home front...I'm being summoned to act as the watch holder for the two mini-firefighters I live with...apparently they are practicing getting bunker-geared-up and need an official time keeper. That would be my que. I am the mom, ya know.

Again, happy Monday.


Mimi said...

Ooooh, the presentation is lovely.

I am a member of KNK club (dot com) - I like the amount of product for the cost, but this is tempting...

Angelia said...

I'm totally LOL at the "super-woman" note ;)
Your kit club looks great. Poppy Ink is another that I highly recommend :D
Happy Halloween!