Honey worked in Atlanta this week so the boys and I took a road trip to see him on Wednesday. It's 275 miles, which is a long way, but we managed. We had a corporate dinner at Daruma (?), a Japanese habatchi restaurant late on Wednesday evening. The boys were mesmerized! Their moma was too, actually. Tell me, could you stack successive rings of raw onion with a knife, douse it with wine and light it on fire to create a fire-spewing onion volcano...while cooking steak and shrimp? It was a cool show! And the food was good too.

After watching my sons sleep until 9:30 am in the hotel room, I'm considering figuring out how to make room-darkening drapes for their bedrooms. (My children are *always* up by 7:30...much to my chagrin.)

Coming home on Thursday, we managed to hit three scrapbook stores and a Prime Outlets mall. Next time I'll do a better job of planning our route, because I really wanted to visit Ikea, Archivers, and the Memories stores there but I didn't look at the map until we were into our trip home and had gone too far to backtrack. A little bit of scrapbooking history--Memories was the first chain of scrapbook stores and is the store out of which the Making Memories company was launched. Making Memories (the brand) and Memories (the store) have since become separate companies.

We arrived back home around 5 on Thursday. It was a good trip (tho short) and I am glad we went.
We saw the Olympic flame monument on I-75 and Julian (of course) asken me about it. I told him about the Olympics being held in Atlanta and we discussed Olympic sports for quite a while. It was interesting to try to explain what an Olympiad is.

Happy Friday!!

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Mimi said...

Did you get to go? One of my dreams is to someday attend an Olympics.