Mo Love for tha Flowahs and da boyz

Found these pretty silk daisies at M's last night--

on the
for $2!

There was a time when I wouldn't have given anything orange a second look...but things change. :)

In other news, when we visited the Knoxville Zoo last week, near the exit was a huge wooden crate. The sign said something like "This is the kind of crate used to bring all the animals from their homes to the zoo. Do you think you could live in a crate for days or weeks on end?" The crate was massive and the ends were open so children could climb in. Of course, my guys couldn't let an opportunity like this pass they went. I ran around to the "exit" and when they got to the end, had them sit so I could take this picture. It wasn't until later that I got to laughing about this particular picture. It's about as real life as we get.

No glamour or poise...we are boys.
We stick out our tongues and pick our noses.
We wear our slushie mustaches proudly.
We are Live Animals!

Happy Friday!!


Mimi said...

Bwahaahahahahha! Great photo.

Great orange flowers - they'll look fab on a layout. I'm with you on the "orange wariness" I look horrid in it, for sure.

ejmom said...

Sarah, you are the best! Thanks for making my photo banner.

Sofia said...

Cool flowers. I might have to go to Michael's this weekend. ;-)

That box picture is so funny! TFS

TracieClaiborne said...

I'm jealous over your flower bargain! I love orange for scrapping.

Cute pic!