This and That Again

I got a nice fat package from today containing some QK dies I ordered. Check it out--they sell QK at 30% off (and no tax)! Leigh Ann, I loved that pumpkin of yours so much I bought one of my own... :) (Just so everyone knows, I shop my local stores first and then buy on-line.)

Have I mentioned I've been reading two positively delish idea books? The Spring Take Ten from Stampington and Designing Scrapbooks 2 from Simple Scrapbooks. Both are a-may-zing!

Got word last week that I made it onto the "design team" (I am not a fan of the term) at Timeless Reflection for the summer. I'm looking forward to this cool new challenge with some other really talented scrapbookers too. When Michelle gets the blog updated and rolling, I'll post a link to it.

I like TR because it's small and unique. It's new and has a very personal feel. I think I've mentioned before that Michelle's goal is to not carry anything that could be acquired at a craft/chain store. I find that so refreshing. I have a special place in my heart for small businesses and love to see them flourish.

Nashville (well, the greater Nashville area) is so fortunate to enjoy several truly excellent scrapbook stores. They are unique and each one seems to have it's own character and personality. As summer comes on, sometimes scrap and stamp store owners experience a lull-- many customers are outside playing, traveling or otherwise making scrapbook memories and the summer can be a little dry for them. I encourage everyone to let your local inde stores know that you appreciate them (assuming you do). Make a quick card or send them a Starbucks GC or something equally delightful. It can be a difficult thing to be the boss...while many people see it as a glam job, it's not always that way. While you get credit for the also get all the blame when something goes wrong. It can be heavy--attested by the fact that many many small businesses don't make it thru their first 5 years.

I've updated the Scrapbook Stores in TN list several times over the past few days. Check it out at

Happy Monday again!

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HolleW said...

Congratulations on being chosen for the design team. Your suggestion for store owner cards is a great one. I am going to make one right now for mine!