The Endless Debate

There's an endless debate in my house. How much sleep do I really need?

I have 2 sons, 10 and 3. The oldest is home schooled and they require most of my attention and activity throughout the day. There are those brief periods when they are playing outside or in the playroom that I can squeeze in a little creative play for myself but mostly, I am occupied with them thru the day.

I am not complaining. Just stating the facts so you can see my dilemma.

So, when bed time comes and the house suddenly becomes quite and somewhat controlled, I face a choice. Do I take advantage of the wonderful quiet and create (write, scrapbook, etc) or do I collapse into bed?

I need both.

The downside of choosing to go downstairs and write or scrap is that it's an all or none proposition. If I get started, it's unlikely that I'll stop before 2 am. The upside is the creative high that boosts my emotional state. I truly enjoy working on my projects--it's deeply refreshing to my soul. The downside of sleeping is that I feel like I am wasteing what could be productive hours. The upside of choosing sleep is, of course, I feel rested and refreshed, the next day.

So. It's 10:13 pm.
And here I sit.
Trying to make this choice yet again.
Work or sleep.
Work or sleep.

Can't decide.
In the scheme of life I should be grateful to have such choices, I know. And I am.
But these Technique Tuesday stamps are calling my name...maybe I could make just one card. ((snort))

Happy Friday! It will be a very happy Friday for us!

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