The 2Peas challenge for the day is to write what makes summer special.

My first thought--watermelon.
I love that first bite of watermelon right out of the heart, right after it's been split. Oh man. That is the pure unadulterated goodness of summer.

Beyond watermelon, there's the traditional things I truly enjoy--cooking out, 4th of July parades and concerts on the waterfront, fireworks, vacation, catching fireflies at night, kids playing in the waterhose under the guise of washing the cars, baseball games and garage sales. And of course, there's camp. As much as I said I would never go back after last year...I think we might try it again as a family again.

I think I like summer because it brings a sense of freedom. For so much of my life, summer ment "no school" and while it's not that way anymore, there's still a sense that life doesn't have to be so scheduled in the summerime. I like that.

Happy Summer!


Mimi said...

Enjoy your unscheduled time. I had my first piece of watermelon this summer yesterday, you are right, it does shout "Summer".

Sofia said...

Mmmm... watermelon. I love those miniature watermelons they sell now. Yummm

Melissa said...

I love watermelon...I have some cut up in my frdge right now! Think I'll go grab a bowl...

Adrienne said...

I have some watermelon at home RIGHT now! LOL...I know what I am eating when I get there.

Nanner said...

How did I forget about watermelon?? That is something I my mom always had around in the summer and I enjoyed it too!!!