The Future

Funny. The 2Peas blog topic today is about the future. Recent events have made me consider deeply my future and that of those I care about. I've come to realize that most of my wishes for the future center around those I love, more than myself.

I want my children to grow up healthy and safe. I want them to be well-educated and prepared to be Godly men-- independent adults, responsible citizens, loving husbands, good fathers and men who are passionate about whatever they choose to do.

I want my husband to be healthy and safe. I want to grow old with him holding my hand and pushing stray locks of hair off my face. I want him to write songs that move people and cause them to think deeply.

I want my sister to know the blessing of love and never hurt.
I want my Army brother to be unharmed no matter where the Army sends him.
I want my oldest-but-still-younger-than-me-brother to know the love he can't live without and to continue to be the rock that he is.

I want my parents to be able to slow down just a little and take in a little more scenery together...especially the scenery between Texas and Nashville. :)

Those are just a few of the things I wish for--and pray for daily. I'm glad to know the One who writes the future, orchestrates the present and cares for the past. That alone keeps my wishes from becoming overwhelming fears.

"Be strong and take heart,
all you who hope in the LORD."
--Psalm 31:24

Now for a dose of "Oh WOW!" go look at Lulu by Marah Johnson! She gives new meaning to the term die cut Diva!
Happy Monday!


Kristy said...

Great entry. Love your blog. TFS

Trudi said...

What a great response to this topic! I'll pray that all your prayers will be answered!

marah johnson said...

I love todays entry...I hope all your dreams and wishes, prayers and goals come true!

Shanna C said...

Thanks for sharing Andy's picture! [I've been on vacation this week, just got home and trying to play catch-up with you.] He looks so grown-up - I can imagine how proud you and your parents are of him!

You changed your title photo - love the daisies!