For Sale...etc

I have a few things on ebay here and a few things listed here at WillowTraders...I am *this close* to getting my area totally functional. It feels good.

Tomorrow is the big shopping day. I'm so excited...garage sales in the AM and 4 scrapbook stores in the day. I'm hoping to acquire some QK dies and a short list of other things. I'm a shopper...which means I enjoy the process of going and looking more than the actual spending of money. In fact, I probably won't spend that much...but it will be fun because I am going with two friends. Can't wait.

I almost never go to WalMart but I went a few days ago and found these faux jeweled buckles...oh man. Are these cute or what?! I don't usually go for the fake jewels look but it's growing on my girly side.

I have been drawn to Lil' Davis lately. They have an awesome gallery on their site and they are also hosting a monthly photo contest...very interesting.

We have gotten back into the habit of grilling finally...anyone have a smashing hamburger recipe I can try? I have a couple...(I'll post them ASAP) but I'mup for hamburger experiments anytime. Grilling is my favorite cooking method. Well, other than going out. LOL!

Happy Saturday.


Anonymous said...

problems with links...

Sarah said...

Actually, Willow Traders is having problems today...the link problem is not an error on my end. I hope they will get things repaired soon. (I shop there all the time.)

Thanks for letting me know tho.