2Peas News

2Peas is all a-buzz about the news that the site is being sold to a Canadian conglomerate for $600K plus. There's all sorts of speculating and yapping about the recent past, the future, the way it was released and everything else in between...

2Peas is a pretty special place. Kaboose wouldn't have paid $600K for it if it wasn't. I hope they don't make too many changes, but that's their call. I think it's awesome the Pea1 and Geek created something so great and are now able to benefit in such a great measure for all their investment. I know how protective I feel for our community...and I am just a pea. I can't imagine parting with something after so many years of being in it at the deepest level.

One thing I will say...I think it was incredibly disrespectful for peas to break the news and post about it before Pea1 and Geek. Yes, it was in the news...I get that. BUT the curteous thing to do would have been to wait. Oh well. They (the peas who posted thebreaking news) didn't ask me. I was glad to see those threads deleted.

Things change. Hopefully not too much tho.

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