Look closely inside the circle.
It's a frog.
A small, noisy, creepy frog.
In my scrap space.

Did I mention I don't like frogs?

at all.

Ain't happenin'!

So this morning (think wee hours...maybe 2 am when it was quiet) I was peain' and scrappin' when I heard something ker-plop onto the floor. Simultaneously, a movement on the floor caught my eye.

I'm getting the creepy-chills just writing about it.

It's a tiny (yet massively creepy) frog.
On *my* floor.

I do not want to think about how he got in or if he brought his family too.

Anyway, after a few moments of "should I wake my sleeping husband because this is too dang creepy for me", I decided to let sleeping husbands lie. I summoned some courage, dumped the contents of the ribbon jar on the table and contained him in the jar. (See the photo.)

Slid the canvas under.
Took a photo. (well, duh.)
Transported the intruder to the yard.

Creep factor is still off the charts!
Not in my house!

Go. little froggie.
Run free.
Tell all your friends.
This house is *not* the place to visit.


Stephanie said...

As a small child in California, there was a park where we played and swam. I remember putting a frog about that size in the water fountain when my Mom was getting a drink. She was not amused. I was and am to this day.

Only thing that really creeps me are snakes.

Hope your heart & stomach recover!

TracieClaiborne said...

Well you are braver than me 'cause I would have screamed so loud I would have woken the entire house! Yikes!!!!!!!!

Lynette Swinford said...

Would this be a bad time to say how cute the little froggie is?

I'm guessing that ribbon will never go in that ribbon jar again!