The Water in Wilkes Barre

My in-laws lived in central Mississippi when Katrina hit New Orleans and the MS Gulf Coast. They were without power for a week and of course, felt the crush of evacuees as well.

Now they live in Wilkes Barre PA and again they are facing serious weather and flooding. Their apartment is within a mile of the levee. They have been evacuated to a hotel some miles away and are out of direct danger of flooding but their apartment is right in the path. Pray that they'll be safe, that the levee will hold and that God will use them in the midst of this storm.

Here's a link to a story from the Boston Sun about the flooding.

1God is our mighty fortress, always ready to help
in times of trouble.

2And so, we won't be afraid! Let the earth tremble
and the mountains tumble into the deepest sea.

3Let the ocean roar and foam, and its raging waves
shake the mountains.

4A river and its streams bring joy to the city,
which is the sacred home of God Most High.

5God is in that city, and it won't be shaken.
He will help it at dawn.

6Nations rage! Kingdoms fall!
But at the voice of God the earth itself melts.

7The LORD All-Powerful is with us.
The God of Jacob is our fortress.

8Come! See the fearsome things the LORD has done on earth.

9God brings wars to an end all over the world.

He breaks the arrows, shatters the spears,
and burns the shields.

10Our God says, "Calm down, and learn that I am God!
All nations on earth will honor me."

11The LORD All-Powerful
is with us. The God of Jacob is our fortress.

---PSALM 46:1-11



While we were in Knoxville a few weeks ago I picked up three small packages of these "candy" knock-offs at JoAnn's. The package price was $6.99 each. This is 3 packages. I can't imagine paying full price for these--the words are downright odd. (They were marked down to 50 cents per pack.)

I am

I just don't get why anyone would choose these sentiments? but thinking was I would find a way to remove the backing and re-apply the clear acrylic dome part to some other image or word.

However, I am having a difficult time getting the backing off. Anyone have ideas? The trick is to do it without damaging or scratching the acrylic.

Thanks for the help.

Just Call Me a Fan of Men

I am married to a remarkable man.
I have two sons.
I have a father.
I have two brothers.
I have a father-in-law.
I have a brother-in-law.
I assist a man who teaches G's Sunday School class every week.
I like the men my best friends are married to.
Most of my best friends have sons--I definately like them.
I like my husband's friends, who are men.
I like his boss in Dallas (but then our cruise was his maybe I'm biased about him).

Shall I continue or are you seeing the point? There are many men in my life that I truly like and admire and love.

Basically, I like men. Especially the ones in my life. So with this in mind, you can probably understand why I don't take too kindly to man-bashing. It does not sit well with me and it never has. Sure, there are less-than-wonderful men in the world...just like there are less-than-wonderful women but for the most part, I don't like to be stereotyped as a woman, nor do I tolerate stereotypes about men--especially negative ones. This practice of using a person's gender as an excuse for something or as a disparraging statment is annoying. For me it ranks as a pet peeve.

I bristle at these statemets and others like them:
"That's a man, for ya."
"Well, what do you expect from a man?"

So, today, while the boys and I were checking out the newly-remodled (very nice) JoAnn's today I witnessed an incident that set my hair on end. I went to the fabric counter to have some fabric cut. The lady there rolled out the yard of fabric I wanted and aligned it up with the yard stick that is mounted on the big cutting table. She got out her scissors and moved to cut to fabric. This is when she realized that the table's metal cutting gutter (the scissor guide) on this cutting table had been installed at the half-yard mark on the ruler, not at the usual yard mark.

Her response was to exhale deeply with exasperation and say "No doubt, a man did that." The disdain in her tone was clear.

Right there under the attentively listening ears and watchful eyes of Julian (my ten year old), who was leaning over the table to watch closely the cutting of my fabric, she chooses to disparrage all man-kind. Gee, thanks.

I looked at her. I looked at my sons. Did she really expect me to commisserate with her based on no other fact than that I am a woman?

Not this chick. I like men. Just call me a fan of men.

On the way home, I was thinking on this as I munched on my Chic-Fil-A nuggets. It occurred to me that it is not acceptable to make slurs against a group of people based on their race or ethic background. In fact, it's so unacceptable, we have a term for it--"racial slurs". If used in the committing of a crime, speaking or writing a racial slur can elevate the crime to the level of a *hate crime*. The penalties for a person guilty of a "hate crime" are more serious than the penalties for "run-of-the-mill" crimes. That's how serious most American's take racially-based slurring or dengration.

So why not ban similar "gender slurs"? Or at least make them socially unacceptable? Gender and race go hand-in-hand. Neither can be changed and both have been the subject of prejidice in our sordid past. So, why is it OK to casually and uselessly bash a group of people based on their gender, when we wouldn't think of allowing similar words about a persons race to pass between our lips? Why is it called harrassment if it occurs in the workplace, but is aceptable elsewhere?

I say it's not OK. Nobody benefits from this and we can do better.

Words carry weight, although we often throw them around like paperclips, as if they make almost no difference in the universe. Even Julian (who many times is not at all sensitive to vocal tone clues) recoiled at the weight of her tone. He backed away and looked at me to see if he had done something wrong. I winked at him and we went on.

Hate serves no righteous purpose and improves nothing. Whether the woman actually "hated" men or (more likely) was just expressing her exasperation without thinking about her audience, I don't know.

So now you know.
I am a fan of men.


Scrapbook Shopping List

Quite a few things I would like to acquire but I'm trying to pace myself. I thought perhaps a list would help. (A job would also speek the process.) :)

1. Technique Tuesday Stamps. I purchased my first set--Love Notes--a week or so ago and I am loving these. Acrylic stamps are different from rubber (and I'm sworn to love rubber forever). But the designs are so right now. On my list are Functuation, Back Rounds Large, Infinite Wisdom and Petal Pushers.

2. More stamps. Scribbles Alphabet by Rhonna Farrer and Scribbles Punctuation.

3. Brown Bazzill Brads (the mixed package of 3 different shades of brown).

4. Quickutz Studio Classic. I know, I know. I said I wouldn't buy an alphabet but Studio is just so perfect. It's on the list but still may be a while. I'm watching Willow Traders and SBA for a used set.

5. Easier Than Ever Scrapbooking (published by Creating Keepsakes).

6. Wild Asparagus Rounds Definitions...I love these.

7. Doodlebug Uncle Sam Jelishments.

8. Foof-a-La Paper--the Super Dad from Dad's Ties. 2Peas Garden Girl Tracy Miller did a right snappy layout with this stuff...she made me want it!

So now you know.

In other news, I found the cutest little stitched suede photo wallet at JoAnn's last week for $4. It hold 40 wallet-sized photos. I'm thinking of using rub-ons to decorate the front. Do rub-ons stick to suede? Might have to try a bookplate instead.

And finally, a piece of art. I know my blog has been woefully lacking in art lately. Not a good thing for a scrapbooking blogger, right? I'll try harder. Promise. Surprisingly, no journaling. Just one of my favorite "nose-shots" by Anita. I used a piece of Making Memories paper (something old) and the new TT stamp set (something new)! Trust'll be seeing this stamp set more...I relly like it.



My Favorite Peas

I'm starting a new list--*My Favorite Peas*. It's going in the sidebar and basically it's just there so I can click on my favorite peas easily. If you happen to enjoy it too...well, isn't that just icing on the cake!


First entry is Star of May.

Happy Sunday.


What's Up with Lil' Davis?

Lil Davis Designs...what's up? For the longest time LDD was one of those special companies who did totally unique, totally cool stuff and you didn't see them in every flipping scrapbook store on the planet. They were shabby/retro/funky/artsy before shabby/retro/funky/artsy was cool. They made their own style. I loved that. When I think of innovative...I think of just a handful of companies...and LDD is on my list of innovative companies.

And then, LDD got into JoAnn's. Suddenly, the market is totally flooded with LDD goodies. I admit it--I was a little disappointed. The specialness was seeping out. I know. I know. Bottom line and all that nonsense. I felt like I was seeing Louis Vitton at Wal-Mart.

So, then a few weeks (or months) ago, a pea posts about finding Lil Davis at Tuesday Mornings--a discount/outlet store. Sure enough. I went to my local TM and found some Lil Davis stuff...stamps, chipboard, ribbons, etc heavily discounted at TM. OK. So maybe they had overruns or discontinued items to get rid of...? Still it stung. (I know. I take this scrapbooking thing way to seriously.)

Today, I visit one of the best scrapbook stores on the planet (a store that has, in the past, been an overflowing candyland of the best Lil Davis had to offer) and find the selection of Lil Davis is almost extinct.

What's up with that?

Then tonight, I'm snatching up some flower stems for a new wreath at Michaels and what do I see? A heaping pile of Lil' Davis items in the DOLLAR BIN! The DOLLAR BIN!

Are they selling Midori Ribbon at 7-Eleven now?
Are they selling Manolo Blahnik at Sears?
Are there Godiva Chocolates at McDonald's?
Is Chef Boy RDee making caviar ravioli these days?

Did I miss something?

I certainly do not blame any inde scrapbook store for backing off of a product line that is clearly over-saturating the market and undercutting the scrapbook stores. Yes. I do believe there is such a thing as over-saturation and it bugs me.

(Can you say "Mrs. Grossman's Red Heart Store"?? Now there was a prime example of over-saturation!)

Certainly, Lil Davis can do what they want with their product...that's their choice but it sure does make me sad. I guess I kinda feel betrayed on behalf of those scrapbook stores that took a risk on shabby/retro/funky/artsy before it was a sure thing. Frankly, I think they deserve better treatment.

"It's not personal. It's just business." someone will say. Hmm. To an inde scrapbook store owner, it's very personal.

Scrapbooking is an interesting business because it is a total incorporation of "business" and "personal". You can't have one without the other.

I have an unyielding affection for unique, independent, creative companies--companies that raise the bar in their industry again and again by doing what they do really well. I love to see small companies *score* on the merits of their own uniqueness. I am a boutique girl, through and through. I like *special*.

And *special* is not found heaped in the DOLLAR BIN of a chain craft store!


1 Down, 300 to Go

It's finally Friday! This has been the longest week. Seriously, it slinked by at a snail's pace.

Joal's in Dallas. Left Monday before 6 am but he's coming home tonight.

Which of course, means I have no less than 3oo things to do before he gets here. I'm making a list. A very long list.

Happy Happy Happy Friday!


The Endless Debate

There's an endless debate in my house. How much sleep do I really need?

I have 2 sons, 10 and 3. The oldest is home schooled and they require most of my attention and activity throughout the day. There are those brief periods when they are playing outside or in the playroom that I can squeeze in a little creative play for myself but mostly, I am occupied with them thru the day.

I am not complaining. Just stating the facts so you can see my dilemma.

So, when bed time comes and the house suddenly becomes quite and somewhat controlled, I face a choice. Do I take advantage of the wonderful quiet and create (write, scrapbook, etc) or do I collapse into bed?

I need both.

The downside of choosing to go downstairs and write or scrap is that it's an all or none proposition. If I get started, it's unlikely that I'll stop before 2 am. The upside is the creative high that boosts my emotional state. I truly enjoy working on my projects--it's deeply refreshing to my soul. The downside of sleeping is that I feel like I am wasteing what could be productive hours. The upside of choosing sleep is, of course, I feel rested and refreshed, the next day.

So. It's 10:13 pm.
And here I sit.
Trying to make this choice yet again.
Work or sleep.
Work or sleep.

Can't decide.
In the scheme of life I should be grateful to have such choices, I know. And I am.
But these Technique Tuesday stamps are calling my name...maybe I could make just one card. ((snort))

Happy Friday! It will be a very happy Friday for us!

2Peas List Challenge

1. FIRST NAME? Sarah
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? This morning
8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes, several
11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Not unless there was a gun involved…
16. SHOE SIZE? 9
17. RED OR PINK? pink
20. WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Oklahoma City OK, 1972
25. FAVORITE SMELL? My husband
29. FAVORITE DRINK? Diet Sprite
30. FAVORITE SPORT? Baseball
31. HAIR COLOR? brown32. EYE COLOR? blue
34. FAVORITE FOOD? Black Corn Chips and Salsa
35. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? I hate movies that feel like a waste of time. I prefer happy or thoughtful endings.
36. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? The Incredibles
39. HUGS OR KISSES? Depends on who the other person is…
40. FAVORITE DESSERT? Cheesecake
41. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Hop on Pop, Amelia Bedillia, and Faith of Our Sons
42. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Don’t use one.
45. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME Cozymel Mexico or Orange County, CA…I’m not sure which is further.
46. IF YOU COULD PICK ANY TWO PEOPLE TO HAVE DINNER WITH, WHO WOULD THEY BE? My husband and Frank Wycheck (a retired Titan)


Wish Me Luck

I'm diving in to my woefully overloaded email inbox today, determined to delete and file until the massive wad of email is down to a managable number--like say--3.

I confess to being a pack rat in real life...and in cyber life too. How silly is that?

I don't think I've had a totally empty mailbox since the moment I signed up with my current ISP.

Wish me luck.


1600+ miles in 40 hours!

I'm finally recovered from my 40 hour buzz to Oklahoma--it was *so* worth the time and money to be there. I had a great time with my family and I was completely astonished by my brother. In the light of the news of the past two days, I am having a difficult time processing it all.

The United States Army makes no bones about their function.
Soldiers are trained to kill.
I knew this before I ever set foot beyond the gates of Fort Sill.
I knew it in my head but not so much with my heart.
And certainly not in terms of the soldier that is my own brother.

Until Friday.

I have been in favor of the retalitory portion of this war from day one of the conflict. I have always supported our troops openly. Given my somewhat educated stance on these issues, I was somewhat surprised to learn that I am completely uncomfortable and ill-at-ease with the bluntness of military action. Emotional re-coil hit me firmly in the chest on Friday as I watched a video made during Andy's Basic Combat Training cycle. Somehow, I like the term "boot camp" better. It's less brutal. Although perhaps it lessens the reality of the brutal-ness. Nothing prepared me for even those few minutes of images of men preparing to enter combat and do the Army's bidding. Nothing. Like I said. I knew. But I didn't *know*. Even now, the thought of it all makes my breath catch in my throat. It makes my stomach hurt. Quite literally. (And I'm just the sister.)

Suddenly, it's quite personal.

And yes, I admit it shouldn't be that way. Every soldier is somebodys brother, son, daddy, etc. I get that. I just didn't expect to feel this change so deeply.

Beyond the actual emotionally-charged events, it was good to be with my family. We laughed a lot and enjoyed the short time we had as best we could.

In other news, I'm finding this creative team assignment for Timeless Reflection to be just what I needed to boost me out of a ho-hum-ness I've been in for a while. It feels good to be productive again.

Julian has taken a liking to my Quickutz. We were shopping today and he tried to insist that I *needed* the Swiss Army knife die for the QK. Crazy boy.

Happy Tuesday!!


The Future

Funny. The 2Peas blog topic today is about the future. Recent events have made me consider deeply my future and that of those I care about. I've come to realize that most of my wishes for the future center around those I love, more than myself.

I want my children to grow up healthy and safe. I want them to be well-educated and prepared to be Godly men-- independent adults, responsible citizens, loving husbands, good fathers and men who are passionate about whatever they choose to do.

I want my husband to be healthy and safe. I want to grow old with him holding my hand and pushing stray locks of hair off my face. I want him to write songs that move people and cause them to think deeply.

I want my sister to know the blessing of love and never hurt.
I want my Army brother to be unharmed no matter where the Army sends him.
I want my oldest-but-still-younger-than-me-brother to know the love he can't live without and to continue to be the rock that he is.

I want my parents to be able to slow down just a little and take in a little more scenery together...especially the scenery between Texas and Nashville. :)

Those are just a few of the things I wish for--and pray for daily. I'm glad to know the One who writes the future, orchestrates the present and cares for the past. That alone keeps my wishes from becoming overwhelming fears.

"Be strong and take heart,
all you who hope in the LORD."
--Psalm 31:24

Now for a dose of "Oh WOW!" go look at Lulu by Marah Johnson! She gives new meaning to the term die cut Diva!
Happy Monday!

My Brother--the Army Private


Letters from Andy

Got a letter from my brother today. He wrote about receiving letters and cards from some people he doesn't know but who apparently know his sister. Thank you doesn't begin to cover this. I deeply appreciate those of you who wrote to him during boot camp. He's grateful. Deeply.

I mailed one last letter off today not really sure if he'll get it before graduation on Friday or not. Maybe. Hopefully.

I can't wait to see him on Thursday!--I promise to take way too many pictures to share later. :)

If you would like to join me in continuing to acknowledge the service of American troops, I encourage you to check out a non-profit organization called A Million Thanks. Due to tightened security, you can't send cards and letters to "Any Soldier" anymore but this organization exists for collection and distribution of letters and cards of thanks for soldiers/troops working within the military quidelines.

Happy Tuesday!

PS If you haven't had a chance to check out the amazing jaw-dropping work of Tina, go right now to her blog and view the work of a woman who makes this phrase ring true loudly:

Great pictures don't really need much embellishing!


The 2Peas challenge for the day is to write what makes summer special.

My first thought--watermelon.
I love that first bite of watermelon right out of the heart, right after it's been split. Oh man. That is the pure unadulterated goodness of summer.

Beyond watermelon, there's the traditional things I truly enjoy--cooking out, 4th of July parades and concerts on the waterfront, fireworks, vacation, catching fireflies at night, kids playing in the waterhose under the guise of washing the cars, baseball games and garage sales. And of course, there's camp. As much as I said I would never go back after last year...I think we might try it again as a family again.

I think I like summer because it brings a sense of freedom. For so much of my life, summer ment "no school" and while it's not that way anymore, there's still a sense that life doesn't have to be so scheduled in the summerime. I like that.

Happy Summer!


It's the Great Magazine Debate, Charlie Brown!

So, by now, ya'll probably know that I am a sucker for a good magazine debate, especially at 2Peas. Magazines are my forte. I read them. I've been in them. I still submit occasionally although not very often because I am a busy woman. Unfortunately, lately there have been several really intense magazine threads that got my attention. I've come to a new conclusion--some people just like to complain about magazines and use them as an excuse. Although that bothers me (because cop outs in general annoy me), I try to let it go. Try.

First of all, I think the primary role of a paper art magazine is to inspire and challenge the reader to try new things and to expand creatively. Sure, it's going to be hit and miss because no editor is good enough to inspire 100 percent of her audience, 100 percent of the time. Maybe a torn piece of paper on a LO is a total creative expansion and departure from the norm for you. Or maybe it's venturing into the use of watercolors or that Pearl stuff. Maybe some part of a layout or project in a magazine speaks to you and makes you a better writer or an improved photographer. Whatever causes the readers to be inspired to stretch...that should (IMO) be the goal of the editors.

With that in mind, a reader of a paper arts magazine is not just an observer. Well, I suppose you could be, but that's another topic. Get beyond the eye-candy. Use the magazine--let it be your jumping off point. Dig into it and *use* what you are able to see.

Second, don't expect every layout in every issue to be something that would fit into your personal style. Let's just face it: you aren't going to be bowled over by every layout in any issue. Not every issue is going to be chock-full of "Oh my goodness, that's amazing" work. Don't expect this and you won't be let down. That's precisely why it's important to learn to glean usefulness from any source, even a layout that you don't find particularly appealing. Sometimes the mental act of determining what you might do differently to "improve" what you think is an unappealing layout will lead you to the building blocks of your own excellent layout.

Lastly, art is subjective--which is just another way of saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It's not a lie. This thing called scrapbooking is personal. Sure, magazines make a business out of it, but it's still very personal. Most people who get published in magazines are ordinary scrapbooking, memory-making, paper-lovers like me and you. Sometimes they are lucky enough to make a short-term career out of scrapbooking...sometimes it blossoms into something remarkable BUT for every Becky Higgins there are 500 normal scrappers who get published a once or twice and are positively happy with that.

If I had to guess, (and I'm not about to spend time researching this) I would say that 90 percent of all published scrapbookers are "short term professionals"...meaning they may get paid for a few layouts, win a contest and maybe write an article...and then they move on with the rest of their lives. That's my guess. Popularity in scrapbooking seems to be a short-term gig for most people.

I love magazines...that's certainly not news to anyone. I love that they inspire and inject a level of creativity into this medium that wouldn't be there if they didn't. I love that they give me a place to turn when I get into a hum-drum rut. I love that they brighten my space with the art of other people. I love that they challenge me to incorporate elements and ideas into my layouts that aren't (or weren't) "totally me" but can become "totally mine".

So, what do you love (or hate) about our scrap/paper arts magazines? I'd really like to know.

Happy Sunday.


Leaf Ribbon

Impress Rubber Stamps is perhaps the most appropriately named stamp company on the net, in my book! Seriously, I go to their site and just oogle. They have four physical stores--I would love to visit there someday! Their presentation of merchandise is so uncluttered and elegant and the actual merchandise they sell is remarkable. When I saw this green leaf ribbon, I knew it would be cool. But 30 yards. Who buys 30 yards of ribbon...wait OK. Who buys 30 yards of the same ribbon?

So this is the perfect time for a group buy. If you like this ribbon, and want to go in on a group buy of it, email me for all the details at scrappinsarah at msn . com .

Happy Wednesday!


And Lastly,

The Blue Scrap Room is finally posted HERE at 2Peas.

Incidentally, this will be my last blog of the day. Three in one day--apparently I need a life.

You guessed it...
Happy Monday.

This and That Again

I got a nice fat package from today containing some QK dies I ordered. Check it out--they sell QK at 30% off (and no tax)! Leigh Ann, I loved that pumpkin of yours so much I bought one of my own... :) (Just so everyone knows, I shop my local stores first and then buy on-line.)

Have I mentioned I've been reading two positively delish idea books? The Spring Take Ten from Stampington and Designing Scrapbooks 2 from Simple Scrapbooks. Both are a-may-zing!

Got word last week that I made it onto the "design team" (I am not a fan of the term) at Timeless Reflection for the summer. I'm looking forward to this cool new challenge with some other really talented scrapbookers too. When Michelle gets the blog updated and rolling, I'll post a link to it.

I like TR because it's small and unique. It's new and has a very personal feel. I think I've mentioned before that Michelle's goal is to not carry anything that could be acquired at a craft/chain store. I find that so refreshing. I have a special place in my heart for small businesses and love to see them flourish.

Nashville (well, the greater Nashville area) is so fortunate to enjoy several truly excellent scrapbook stores. They are unique and each one seems to have it's own character and personality. As summer comes on, sometimes scrap and stamp store owners experience a lull-- many customers are outside playing, traveling or otherwise making scrapbook memories and the summer can be a little dry for them. I encourage everyone to let your local inde stores know that you appreciate them (assuming you do). Make a quick card or send them a Starbucks GC or something equally delightful. It can be a difficult thing to be the boss...while many people see it as a glam job, it's not always that way. While you get credit for the also get all the blame when something goes wrong. It can be heavy--attested by the fact that many many small businesses don't make it thru their first 5 years.

I've updated the Scrapbook Stores in TN list several times over the past few days. Check it out at

Happy Monday again!

Magnolia Monday to You

Magnolias are Magnificent.
Don't you agree?
Talk about a sensitive flower tho.

I don't have many memories of my maternal grandparents becasue they both passed on when I was very young. One of the few things I remember learning from "Bobbie" was about Magnolias. She had a magnificent Magnolia tree in her yard. When it bloomed she would cut one and set it in a bowl of water on her dining table.

I remember that smell. It would waft through the house and make everything smell like springtime. Anytime I see a magnolia or smell one, I think of her.

When I would come around, she would tell me "if you touch it, it will turn brown." Even as a young girl, I loved the smell and beauty of a Magnolia but the temptation was too great.

Of course, I had to touch it, just to see if she was telling the truth.
Would one single finger cause such a pretty thing to turn brown?
Just one finger on the edge...maybe it wouldn't turn brown
from just a gentle touch?

So, I touched it.
Sure enough, it turned brown in that spot.

Of course, it was obvious that I had touched it.
Who wouldn't notice the brown finger-shaped spot that developed on the petal?

I can't help but think how closely this paralells life. There are things we shouldn't do. God tells us. Our parents tell us. Conscience tell us. Many times we know the consequences (or at least that there will be consequences) so why do we do them anyway?

Because our hearts wander. Because we wonder if the rules apply to us? Because we hope the rules of life don't apply to us.

We make bad choices.
We touch the proverbial flower.
Just to see if they were serious.
And our lives turn brown.
Sin has a way of coming to light.
It leaves it's mark deep on our hearts.
As much as we try to hide it, it's never truly hidden.

One of the private schools in my neighborhood has a banner in it's yard. I can't help but think that there is no more fitting verse for students and parents and the general community to see every day as they drive by. It's Psalm 51:10.

Create in me a clean heart,
O God,
And renew a steadfast spirit
within me.
--Psalm 51:10 (JPS)

Happy Magnolia Monday!


Mo Love for tha Flowahs and da boyz

Found these pretty silk daisies at M's last night--

on the
for $2!

There was a time when I wouldn't have given anything orange a second look...but things change. :)

In other news, when we visited the Knoxville Zoo last week, near the exit was a huge wooden crate. The sign said something like "This is the kind of crate used to bring all the animals from their homes to the zoo. Do you think you could live in a crate for days or weeks on end?" The crate was massive and the ends were open so children could climb in. Of course, my guys couldn't let an opportunity like this pass they went. I ran around to the "exit" and when they got to the end, had them sit so I could take this picture. It wasn't until later that I got to laughing about this particular picture. It's about as real life as we get.

No glamour or poise...we are boys.
We stick out our tongues and pick our noses.
We wear our slushie mustaches proudly.
We are Live Animals!

Happy Friday!!