Trivial Complainings

I know this is trivial and matters not-so-much in the scheme of life but I also know that my scrap-friends will understand my need to discuss.

And so I blog about the trivial matter of the price of duel-sided paper.What is the deal?

It should be said in the begining that I think I have bad karma (if I believed in Karma) when it comes to duel-sided paper. Several years ago, while shopping in Mississippi I was shocked to learn that the store charged double for a patterned paper that was printed on both sides (not even cardstock weight). When I inquired as to why...the oh-so-bright cashier had the audacity to tell me because "it's like you are getting two sheets of paper".

Um no. It's one sheet.
Same as all the other single sheets of paper on your shelves.
It can only be used one time.

Luckily, the store was in MS and I only shopped there 3-4 times a big deal. Even tho I still think that ranks among the stupidest reasons for over-pricing I've ever heard.

Fast-forward to today.

Shopping in a new local scrap store (that'll teach me to stray, huh, Tracie)...I discovered that patterned paper printed on one side was being sold for 69 cents and duel-sided was $1 a sheet.

Can you say "Ouch"?

The new Basic Grey Fruitcake paper is of course, duel-sided. (If I had a cursing smiley, I'd use it here.) Have you seen the snowmen? Did you see this card at 2Peas using the snowmen? Aren't they adorable!! But a dollar a sheet. I love paper...but that's a leap.

By discussing this with some peas, I learned that MSRP for Basic Grey Fruitcake (BG's first duel-sided line) is indeed 85 cents per sheet--a *slight* increase from BG's usual single-sided MSRP which is 70 cents.

It seems this particular LSS has gotten a wild hair and decided to sell it at an increased price of $1 per sheet. I know MSRP is just a suggestion but one would think that in a market where there are many many other scrapbook stores sticking to MSRP, one would think twice before being the most expensive place in town...especially a new store.

According to threads like this one at two-peas and this one, many scrapbookers are turned off by duel-sided paper because they don't know how to use it. So by carrying a paper that people don't understand how to use and doing so at a more expensive price point...aren't you shooting yourself in the foot? If it's commonly misunderstood, it stands to reason that most people won't know what they are paying extra for or why.

And, for those who do know how to use it...wouldn't it be advantageous to a retailer to sell more of this paper with the bonus side at a reasonable price (like say-- the MSRP of 85 cents) rather than "sticking it" to their informed consumers. Frankly, I'd rather pay 40 cents more and get a *whole other sheet* of paper than be charged 30% more for a second side with limited use.

I think duel-sided paper is a good idea for both consumers and retailers.

For consumers, it's a space saver and it offers an extra design option. Especially for those who like to save their scraps! (The downside is that perhaps I don't like the design on both sides...I'm kinds stuck with the ugly side at the inflated price.)

For retailers, it basically doubles the rack impact of their paper-buying dollars. They benefit by being able to fill two slots with a single paper (one turned each way) and it saves on shipping.

However, I am positive that as a consumer, crossing the $1 per sheet threshold is not something I feel comfortable doing and likely won't do again for a very long time. I would sooner buy two sheets for $1.40.



Christy B said...

I guess I've never really payed a lot of attention to the price of double sided paper - I tend to like something, I buy it AND I usually buy TWO sheet of double sided paper incase I need it (as I do most papers). I know, bad shopper!

I scrapped at Scauppuccino's Friday night. It was nice - laid back night, not too crowded!

Mimi said...

I have to admit, I either buy packs, or just grab and don't look at the prices, how awful is that?

I'm using some of the Basic Grey paper for ornaments I'm making right now.

(BTW - it's dual sided paper, duel is when you fight.)

Debby said...

As we've discussed before, I'm not a fan of double-sided paper and especially if they are charging more for it. I don't like it because I feel like I'm wasting a whole sheet of pretty paper. Even if you cut it and use the scraps with the opposite side up to coordinate... it's still only one sheet's area of usable paper! I'd rather buy two sheets of single sided papers that coordinate, this way I have two full sheets of space to use, plus this has the added benefit that since I picked them I know I like both of them. At $1.40 I have twice the usable space - it's a better deal. That's my 2 cents worth and I hope it makes sense!

TracieClaiborne said...

Discuss. Tawk amongst yourselves. LOL

BG 2-sided sells for .85 at Scrap It. Uh-huh. That's what I'm talkin' about.

I have a hard time paying more than 80 cents for ANY paper. I just bought some glitter and scalloped paper for $1.50 a sheet. Ouch!!!! Are we nuts!?