The 2Peas Challenge for the day is "if you could invent a new scrapbooking tool, what would it be?"

Well, I don't have the techno-know-how to invent this, but someone should.

My new tool would be a computer program that transforms layout images to sketches. So, say, I am browsing the peanut gallery and I find a LO I want to keep for inspiration. I import the image into this program and *poof*, a sketch of the LO is saved into my personal "Book of Sketches", along with a thumbnail of the original and a link to it. Handy, huh. Every once ina while, I print out the Book of Sketches for reference!

How cool would that be?

My other invention has to do with stamp storage. Big fancy department store use motorized rotating display shelves to show tons of ties in one case. There may be twenty shelves on a wheel and the wheel rotates like a ferris wheel, showing a different shelf of ties at the top every 10 seconds. Well, I propose that this would make excellent stamp storage.

Dreams...aren't they grand?

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