It's snowing!

It's snowing!!
I awoke to shreeks of "Momma, it's snowing!" this morning...which is unusal in itself because usually the first thing out of those boys is "Momma, I'm hungry."
But yes, snow flurries are falling in Middle Tennessee!
What a great day!
No, it won't stick and yes, it will probably stop before I finish this post...but it's a good sign. It means maybe we'll get a real snow this year! We kinda didn't last year.
Such a wonderful surprise!
Can we have a "Snow Day"?
Happy snowy Thursday!
In other news...look at the amazing button creations on this blog and here. That red wreath is yummy! I think I need to go dig out my buttons.
Happy button Thursday!


Mimi said...

Enjoy your snow day!

Leigh Ann said...

If we get a good snow this year, can we come sled in your backyard? Ours is so flat. I do hope we get a good snow this year. We had that one wimpy snowfall last year and that was it.

TracieClaiborne said...

It took me forever to figure out what that was a picture of. ha!

So why do you think flurries will mean we will get snow this year? I did see a newscaster say we will. I hope we do!!!