Studio 60

I don't watch much television. We have a DVR so I spend very little time actually watching tv...I fast-forward thru most everything except Blues Clues, which Greyson loves. I'm just not a fan of 99.99% of television. For me, too much television is contributory to eating mindlessly and I am stepping away from that at all costs.

But here I am, doing something I hoped to never do--blogging about television. I am smitten with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The writing of that show is intellegent and exceptional and funny and it pierces the vail of the usual Hollywood idiocy. The characters are truly interesting and multi-dimensional. I read recently that it's the most expensive show being produced by a major network on the air because of all the major players on-screen. It really is remarkable to see actors transition so smoothly from one show to another--especially the West Wing characters. Bradley Whitford and Timothy Busfield (both formerly of West Wing) are bringing down the house in Studio 60 and I love it.
For what it's worth, the other show I watch regularly is The Unit. And 24--when I can gear up for it's intensity.

So now you know...

If you have a moment, cruise on over to Jill Conyers blog and take a gander at this beautiful mini-book she did. Isn't it wonderful? Simple, spirited and meaningful.

In another blog entry she posted this quote that I really like:

"Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are."
--Marianne Williamson

I had to scrap it.

Happy Tuesday!


Lynn said...

I wanted to catch Studio 60 when it started and just never did for whatever reason. It really sounded like it would take off and it has. I'm not sure if I should try to jump in now. Maybe I will wait and try again next year (hopefully). I've been hooked on House, Grey's, and for some weird reason Men in Trees (I'm not a big fan of Anne Heche, but she is pretty good in this).
I loved that quote on Jills blog the other also. Very true.

Mimi said...

I love it, great use of the quote.

I've only watched a couple minutes of the show (Last night, in fact - I was finishing up what I was reading during Heroes)

Noelia said...

Just wanted to say that your LO turned out pretty good and I also love your banner! TFS

TracieClaiborne said...

Great layout! I haven't watched Studio 60. I can't get hooked on anything else tv related. I am already hooked on about 3 shows. That's 3 too many. LOL!

TracieClaiborne said...

I mean to add...great layout!!!!!

Laurie said...

My Yoga instructor qoutes a lot from several of Marianne Williamson's book. I just love so many of her writings. How true this one you used in your lo is..

Carla said...

I'm right with you on that show! Hubby and I both love it. I really enjoy the fact that you read a great quote and immediately scrap it. I always mean to and never do. Can't wait till crop night again!