Scrap Resolutions

Well there are at least two threads at 2Peas re: making scrapbook-related resolutions for the coming year. Most involve learning something new (ie better use of one's camera), buying a big tool or accomplishing X number of pages.

I've been considering a different sort of change to my scrapbooking adgenda but I must tell you--I am extremely hesitant to put it out there. It's a little on the radical side--especially for me.

Isn't a resolution supposed to be some lofty goal that you hope to stretch in order to acheive? If so, I'm good...because this is going to stretch me. To the max.


This is bold.

Once all the supplies for the Feb 2007 cruise book are purchased (it's a commissioned project for the company) I'm not going to buy any other scrapbooking items, products, books, stamps, ribbon, etc.

Until Joal gets a Taylor.

My sweet honey has been yearning for a hand-made Taylor guitar for years. The Taylor guitar of choice is a *significant purchase* in our world and it always seems that he's doing more important things with our money (ie buying refrigerators, EEGs and scrap stuff). Joal doesn't indulge in luxuries easily (I usually have to drag him) so it will take some unusual forcefulness on my part to make this happen...but I am determined.

It's going to be the year of the Taylor, baby. I'm betting the scrapbook obsession on it.



Mimi said...

How sweet you are!

Debby said...

Sarah, you are so wonderful! I know you will do it because you love your hubby! What an incredible example to all around you for selflessness and putting others before yourself. I think it's great!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a commitment. We'll all try to help you stick with it :)

Sarah said...

Well, honestly, I didn't share this to tell you how sweet I am but thank you for the kind words anyway. I wrote it out because not shopping is not an easy thing for me. I will need some help along the way, I'm sure.