Now *this* is my kindof Christmas Tree!

I was listening to the radio today and the announcer referred to Kenny Chesney as the "Seasonally Challenged One" because of (obviously) his penchant for songs about the beach, summer, the sea and Spring Break.
LOL! She said it like it was a bad thing...HA!
It made me think of this photo of a Christmas Tree that I took at the "Trees of Christmas" exhibit at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in December 1999.
(Pardon the the time I was using a disposable camera and the lighting wasn't great in the display room.)
Makes me wanna make a tree out of something unique...
In other news, I think my postal carrier has been holding out on me. We got 10 Christmas cards in the mail (and we don't get very many) today...I was starting to think we weren't going to get any!
Which brings me to my question of the day. When someone sends you a Christmas card and you didn't send them one...what do you do? Send them one quickly even tho it'll probably be late? Add them to the list for next year? Send them a New Year card? What's a girl to do?
And my other question for the do you store embellishments? I have a Crop in Style PSB that is filled up with "schtuff" but I never use it because it's such a pain to lug out and find stuff in. Gotta find a new way to store stuff so I can get to it.

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