Another example...

So I was eating Chinese food for lunch with the boys today, catching up on my reading of Nashville's alternative liberal rag, The Nashville Scene when this ad for Watkins College of Art and Design caught my eye:

Um, yeah. Kinda looks like a scrapbook page. Imagine that.

A few years ago, our church was located in downtown Franklin, near Watkins. We were outgrowing our building and to meet the space needs, some of the Sunday School classes met at other building downtown. We happened to be attending one of those off-site classes for a while...our class met at Merridee's Breadbasket--a Franklin legend. The bakery was closed of course on Sundays but the smells that remained in that wonderful store on Sundays after an entire week of baking breads, pies and cakes and other wonderful things was intoxocating. The owner would sometimes leave a basket of goodies for us and what a treat that was. (Since that time, I have had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn Kreider, the owner of Merridee's and teaching her sweet son in my Sunday School class.)

Anyway, when we would walk to our class a few blocks from church, we would pass one of the buildings that the students of Watkins College used as studio space (apparently, they had space issues too). I would always peek in the windows to see what kinds of unique things they were working on. The windows of their building were built for displays and were always an interesting visual feast of art and design. I told Joal on several occasions that Watkins should find a way to meld a design class with a class in scrapbooking.

From the looks of this {really cool} ad, perhaps they have begun to do just that. How Rebecca Sower can it be?

Happy Wednesday! Stay warm.


Penny said...

Cool ad! So, are you going to scraplift it, or what?!

TracieClaiborne said...

I LOVE Merridees. Yum. I could not sit there without eating. That would be torture. ha!