The Best Little Sandwich on Mount Desert Island!

The first day of our time in Bar Harbor we lunched at this sweet little local sandwich place--Michelle's Brown Bag Cafe. It was quite the busy spot, even for the off-season, so we took that as a good sign. While we waited in line Joal decided to try the Maine Handcrafter Root Beer. He later said it was stout and stuck with him for a long time.

We ordered the gourmet Tuna Salad and it was a total hit! It was tuna with mayo, served on toasted sourdough (large slices), with thinly sliced tomato, a layer of spinach, red onion, sprouts, and a piece of cheese. It was fantastic. Each sandwich came with a homemade pickle and Cap Cod chips. I stole Joal's pickle--they were really good.

Sometimes the simplest things, done well, can be really surprisingly amazing. :)

Joal and I have never been on a non-work, non-family-centric vacation alone together before. And yes, seventeen years is a long time to wait. I can tell you for sure that it was a mistake to wait that long. It was so beyond words to settle into a different place with just him, to be together alone, to be just be. Quietly. Calmly. Without distraction and without anything or anyone else pressing in. It was nice. It was healing.

There's no one else on this planet that I'd rather be with. I knew that before...but now I remember why.

One of the great things about Bar Harbor is that everything is centrally-located and walking is the best way to get anywhere. Getting extra excercise was an unexpected benefit--because we surely did eat well. :)

Right smack in the middle of BH is a little ice cream/frozen yogurt shop. I'm pretty sure that we became their star customers for the three days we were there. Joal enjoyed each flavor of frozen yogurt (he's allergic to dairy) and I stuck with my first love--Cappacino with chocolate chips. It was lovely.


In-Focus said...

It's amazing how little time we devote to vacationing with just our spouse, isn't it? I've been married for 16 years, and can count three 3-day weekends, and two 1 week vacations with just me and the hubby. Work and kids and running a household leave little time for such things if you aren't careful. You have to MAKE time, right?

We are actually thinking of heading up to Bar Harbor ourselves this summer, just for a few days. My mom grew up near there, and I haven't been back since I was a kid. I would love to hear all your recommendations of where to stay and to eat, and things to do.

Ivana Clay said...

Your trip sounds does the sandwich! :) Glad you all were able to get away and enjoy each other!