Another shopping adventure in Bar Harbor...windowpanes

I wrote the title to this post and then realized you are probably thinking that all I did on my vacation was shop. Ha! Not true. We did nature things, and we ate at fantastic seafood, and we enjoyed our trip alone immensely...but yes, I did do some seriously fun shopping.

One of the things about Bar Harbor that I find incredibly appealing is that there are no major chain major chain eateries...not many major chain hotels. It's very much "small town America" at it's finest. Well, except that Pepsi has a stranglehold on the area...but I digress.

So, eventually I will tell you about the other, non-shopping things we did but for now you are stuck with the fabulousness of a little store called *Windowpanes*.

Oh my. The love bloomed the moment I saw the window. Sorry about the reflection of the cars and such, but if you look closely you can see the hanging fabrics, which I later realized were snappy napkins and placemats.

The white cabinet was filled with all these napkins--heavy duty, quality napkins in the finest of fantastic you can see.

Windowpanes sells the yearly lighthouse calendar of artist Alan Claude seen here. These large prints are stunning and I came home with plans to order one from the artist immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, that looks like a fun shop. All those beautiful dishes and napkins in fun colors.