Meet Sophia

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Popa and Gramma have a cat named Sophia.
Whom Julian fell in love with.
He was so gentle and sweet with her.
He spent so much time quietly petting her.
Watching her.
Calling out her name when she wasn't around.
He bugged her a bit.
She swatted him.
He laughed.
And learned where not to touch her.
She was so forgiving.
He needed alot of forgiveness.
She brought him such tranquility.
I bet you see what's coming.
Miss "I am not a pet person" is considering the acquisition of both a cat and a fish.
The things I get roped into.


KarenSue said...

beautiful cat, and a cat and fish are fairly low maintenance...

Mimi said...

I agree, both fairly low maintenance (although we are going through a cat issue right now)

Anonymous said...

Bought "My Cat: How to Have a Have a Happy, Healthy Pet" for Deb & Matt. Should I sent one to J also? Mom