Lobster Roll--a first

So, as a southern girl, I had never had a tried and true Lobster Roll. As the little sign at the corner cafe said "it's alot of lobster, on a roll, with just enough mayo to keep it all together. And yes, it's good."

It was served with a pickle and Cape Cod chips.

It was good. I'm glad I tried it. Probably won't do it again as it was a little pricey and for that kind of money, well, I'd rather have shrimp. But it was something Maine-ish that I wanted to say I had experienced.

As you might imagine, Lob-stah is everywhere and in pretty much everything in Bah Hahbah...foodishly and decoratively.

This guy sits on the sidewalk outside the famous Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium...and yes, it's a heavely place full to the brim of heavenly temptations. And a mighty fine collection of antique lunch boxes. Even Lobster ice cream. No, we didn't indulge.

Ahh, Maine. Forget San Francisco. I think I may have left my heart in Maine.

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Arlene Nitsche said...

Ah, Maine memories...I agree, I loved Maine and would love to go back. And lobster...yum!

Also, I liked your later post about the Waterfall stickles...I'm going to have to get me some! :)

I just wanted to say we've never met (I don't think) but I have visited your blog here and there and have enjoyed your musings. If I remember correctly, it was from your blog that I first heard about 'Make a card Monday'.