Got Stickles?

Would it be ok if I just schmere this stuff all over everything? It's called Waterfall Stickles. And I am so hooked. I've decided life just looks better when covered in Waterfall glitter! I think it would make good eye shadow too. My fingers are already covered in it. I could just swoosh a little across my eyelids. It dries fast.

It's the perfect accent for my cruise conjunction with the Chipboard Thickers that I found at Big Lots. Painting and glittering...what more could a girl ask for in the wee hours of a Saturday morning?



Connie said...

Those look great, Sarah! And when you mentioned that BL had Thickers . . . well, I have quite a stash, now, too! It's funny how Stickles are making a resurgence - I first used them about 6 years ago.

Mimi said...

Everything looks better with Stickles.
even, usually my arm.

Christy B said...

Big Lots, huh? I need to hit one soon!!!!