Who says a Quilt Store isn't dangerous for a scrapbooker?

While Joal and I were in Bar Harbor, he discovered a store called Fabricate while on his first morning walk around town. We ate breakfast at the Cottage Street Bakery & Deli--our first indulgence into the world of blueberry pancakes and blueberry-topped french toast that is so very popular in Maine. It was a calm and perfectly delightful meal, not only because we were the only patrons present at the little cafe, but also because they are actually one of the far-too-few eateries in Bar Harbor to offer actual Diet Coke. For what it's worth, "no Diet Pepsi does not suffice."
I digress.
So we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast on the patio at the bakery and then I decided to check out the fabric/scrapbooking store--Fabricate. It's a small place on Cottage Street that features mainly quiting fabrics and supplies...with a small room of limited scrapbooking goods off to the side. Many of the scrapbooking items I picked up there were *Maine* specific things--like a fabulous piece of lobster ribbon and an embroidered lobster "patch". I enjoyed the beautiful quilt pieces that were on display and photographed a few (with permission).
I was attracted to the fat quarters of beautiful watercolor-ish fabrics. I selected a few (seen above) and am still kicking myself for not finding out the manufacturer of them, especially the multi-color one below. Isn't it so lovely? It shouts summer to me!

This one (above) says "ocean fantasy" to me. Below...this one is just a lovely wash of blues and "gentle waves".
Are we seeing a theme developing here?


Diana Fisher said...

My DH and I had our honeymoon in Bar Harbor. This post brings back great memories of that lovely, little town.

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, that fabric is incredible.

delightfuldwelling said...

Oh wow, that fabric is just gorgeous. It seems scrapbook companies are inspired by fabric patterns and vice-versa.