Valentines Day Goodies!

Look at the yummy Valentines goodies I discovered at Michaels today (thanks to a sweet little gift card from a friend)! The stamps are from the $1 bin - can you believe it? And I gave in to the Martha's ribbon and bling. And I used my half-off coupon on a new pair of scissors! Fiskars spring-loaded 8" beauties. Ah, joy.

People keep using my scissors inappropriately and it drives me insane! I've been thinking - Captain Hunt, the main character on Andromeda, used a force lance as his main weapon and he wore it in a holster strapped to his leg. Force lance technology used an instant DNA-recognition system to identify the user as the owner. If a foe (or anyone besides the Captain) tried to use the Captain's weapon, the weapon e-x-p-l-o-d-e-d. Ha! I think I may need that kind of set-up for my good scissors.

In other news, I'm a genius. Or at the very least, a good mommy today. :) While we were running some errands I passed one of the local adult beverage retailers, and noticed that their porch was covered in empty boxes. Now usually, we only gather boxes when we're moving or needing to ship something but it occurred to me that boxes make great toys. I turned around and went back and loaded all the empty boxes that would fit, into our Jeep! The boys have been making box towers for a solid hour! Build 'em up, knock 'em down. Grey keeps standing behind his tower of boxes and saying "Momma can you see me?" Good fun for those of us stuck indoors, hiding from the cold. Cheap too. :)

Happy Friday friends! And happy birthday Army Andy!!

PS Don't give in to the reduced-price seasonal chocolates at Target. There's a reason they didn't sell. :) Lowering the price does not make them taste any better. Trust. me.

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Mimi said...

Oooh, fun! Enjoy the bling. And, happy Birthday to your Brother, many Years!

And, I had to buy new scissors after I went to a CKC with a pair of kids' scissors because mine had walked away.