Hello Hello Anyone Home?

Life has been yanking my chain for a few days...I know you've been waiting with baited breath, right? (LOL)

So let's re-cap quickly.

1-We had a fire last Friday night. Small fire, but stinky nonetheless. Grey's been walking around saying "the dryer wire cought fire". Joal was doing laundry and sitting at the computer when a faulty wire in the plug sparked and ignited the wall behind the dryer. He was able to get it put out with the fire extinguisher but we called the fire department anyway, to be sure. They came (2 engines, full sirens), looked things over, tore out a major section of the wall and suggested we call an electrician. (Of course, Julian was thrilled to see the firemen in action, even if it was in our house.)

On a separate note, firemen amaze me. I think I'm maybe almost as awed as my son. What they do is extra-ordinary. To walk in when others are running away. To assess and react in such a short amount of time, with so much on the line. To walk in to any situation like you own the place with confidence and command. Not to mention actually walking around in 40 pounds of bulky gear.

2-My Quickutz class at Scrap'n Memories is filling out nicely. I'm excited to be teching again.

3-We took a drive on Saturday up to a new scrapboook store in Clarksville TN. It was bitterly cold and the boys had major cabin fever, so rather than leave Joal with them cooped up in the house, they all came with. (Clarksville is about an hour away.) Due to some bad info, we had a little trouble finding the place, but finally called and got directions. The store is very small. I'm writing a new blog at so I'll post my full reveiw there.

Here's the store:

And just for the fun of it, I love this picture! Happy Wednesday!

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Mimi said...

Awesome new store, and yikes! I'm so glad you are ok after a fire scare!