Too many ideas?

I've always had a microscopically short attention span and it seems to be getting smaller as I get older. I get bored easily and repetitive tasks make me absolutely nuts. (This would be the main reason I was a horrible secretary.) Too much repetition makes me jumpy, grumpy and anxious. I have a physical reaction to watching factory workers on television do the same thing thousands of times a day. That's my personal idea of hel*.
If we are talking character flaws, mine is definately not following thru with things--especially repetitive tasks.

I've had a really really hard time focusing lately. I know that forgetfulness/lack of attention to details is one of the common symptoms of diabetes--one of the most annoying for sure. (Just one more reason to hate this disease.)

I tell you this because I need ways to overcome this or at least ways to maintain a higher degree of sanity. I write things down. My lists have lists. I set my phone alarm to remind me of things. I have Joal, who has never forgotten anything. I take pictures of things. All this, and still, things are slipping thru the cracks.

I can't focus on one scrapbook page at the time, so I have a heaping stack of half-finished pages. I lose things. Lots of things. I have, in the past three weeks, purchased the same bottle of silver glitter glue 3 times, because I have forgotten that I bought it already and where I put it. (Anyone need some silver glitter glue?)

I feel like I'm flapping in the wind creatively. I have lots of good ideas...inspiration abounds. I look at books and find things I want to do...then I forget what it was I wanted to do.
Focus. I just want to be able focus.

To make matters worse, I haven't had pictures printed in months and now I am completely overwhelmed by all the pictures on my hard drive that need to be printed. It seems like such a huge repetitve task...I can't even start.

This is how I feel today:


Jenny said...

Hi Sarah,

I so enjoy your blog! You don't give yourself enough credit for all the things you DO get done!!!

One thing that really helped me (I am on medication for life that makes me drowsy and makes it hard to concentrate so I know what you mean...) is the flylady ( way of listing things into 15 minute mini-jobs. So, for example, if you are tackling the photos you might plug in 15 minutes and do what you can. Then move on to another thing on your list for 15 minutes. Etc. The website explains it really well (IDK if you already know about her???).

It has helped me tons.

I try to pick my "15 minute boogie" tasks first thing in the morning when i'm at my best.

Best of luck - I know how frustrating it can be.

Nicole said...

I have had a LOT of days like that. Keep your chin up and have faith.

Btw: I absolutely LOVE your blog! :D